• Happy birthday :D
    4 år sedan
    DeadlyAnime Web Designer
    View spoilerHide spoilerYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
    5 år sedan
    I hope you have a beautiful day and get at least half of what you want !

    Happy Birthday ! =)
    6 år sedan
    ComplexCRUSH ☩Knight's of the Blood☩
    Hey I just wanted to say thanks for posting s review of ITEM #151398 I really appreciate it.
    6 år sedan

    Thank you for the friend request! I also like Holo, she is a very nice character!
    7 år sedan
    Kitty2two7 år sedan#1744322Wow thank you~ I love Holo, she is my waifu <3 My very expensive waifu that is XD
    One day I hope to own every figure of her c: One day.... that day though, my wallet will cry XD

    You're welcome! Holo is a really awesome character. I'd love to own a few figures of her as well, but, alas, I too have an injured wallet that can't sustain so much spending. The Volks Holo is the main one I have set my vision on, yet she is the most expensive.

    I wish you luck with your Holo collection! She has some really tempting figures.

    My waifu would definitely have to be the lovely Asuka Soryu Langely. She has too many figures (although I have no such goal to obtain all of them), yet most of them don`t really appeal to me or what I see in her character. Phooie D:

    Anyways, enough about me, how are you? ^^
    7 år sedan
    Hi! I really love your collection! Both of those Holo figures you have are really nice ^.^
    You have some really good taste.
    7 år sedan
    Lexiy The WCF Aficionado
    Ft Lauderdale here :p
    7 år sedan
    Kitty2two7 år sedan#1702922That's wonderful! Thank you c: Can you please give me feedback?

    yes!:) I was trying to learne exactly how lol I will try!:)
    7 år sedan
    Great ordering from you! You were an excellent seller! Recieved it in only a few days !:-)
    7 år sedan
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