«Collecting figures made me a vegan (not by choice).»
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[I also have Myethos 1/8 Seele Vollerei - Well, you won't see her here in MFC]

Annual Figure Hell List:

2013 - Touhou Project
2014 - Black Rock Shooter
2015 - Puella Magi Madoka Magica
2016 - Kantai Collection
2017 - Love Live!
2018 - Fate
2019 - ???
^ Go there. Otherwise, I don't really read that much.
NieR Automata, Atelier Series, FF Series, Tales Series, Neptunia Series, KanColle, Touhou Project and any rhythm games. Also like playing any horror games from time to time.
J-pop/Anime songs, Techno, Classic.


Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
Nepgear, your sister is raiding the pudding factory again.
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jumpluff Pegasus Knight
Re. your comment about Akuma Homura here: BLOG #38989

How did you actually use the stand? Did you detach part of the stand from the base and use it to prop Homura up? I'm slightly confused by what I'm seeing and want to figure out if I can emulate it if you don't mind going into more detail ^^'

Either way, I'm glad she's still going and you found a solution!
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Kashy (1 år sedan) #26629505Ah that exclusive one. I do hope you get her someday, not sure if the price will ever go down since it's exclusive but who knows. There are lots of good figures coming this year compared to previous ones, I too missed a lot of good ones not just because of money but also space for display.
Actaully I just ordered her on Anime NPC, she was the cheapest I could find her at plus free shipping to everywhere, a pretty descent dea' actaully compared to Archonia who sold her for over 200 euro's...
Either way I unfortunately don't have thr lack of dpace problem, so I kind of just order things even though sometimes I shouldn't.
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Kashy (1 år sedan) #26619566Haha, yeah. I even replied to one of your queries before, not realizing it was you.
Ah that's pretty funny XD I probably also didnlt realize it was you either, might I say that I love your collection especially your Utaha Kimono figure that you have on pre order is something I am jealous of :P I actaully really want her but I don't have the money (¯―¯٥)
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Kashy (1 år sedan) #26616103Hey ya! I'm good! Good to see you here. Silly me, I feel so ignorant for not realizing you've been posting almost in every figure page I'd visited LOL! Nice meeting you here and hope to see you in the next streams!
It's good to see you here as well :D and really? I guess we have similair tastes in figures XD I also hope I'll see you in the next stream!
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Yo! UMI DAH! How are you? This is Fa Jandar, froom the streams :D
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Nice Madokas.
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Welcome to MFC! Enjoy your stay mah nigga! :)) HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
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Welcome to MFC :)
Enjoy your stay
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