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Sold my soul to the devil to pay for an army of plastic people
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Zhang Qiling by Myethos


Just an obsessed otaku trying to grow her collection; I love collecting figures and one day want to try out figure photography. I also really love looking at otaku rooms and figure collections and displays. I'm always down for making new friends and talking about geeky stuff so feel free to send me a fr if you want!

For figures, I usually tend to spend all my money on scales and prize figures since those are my favorite. I usually only collect from series I've seen/read/played and I like having lots of different representation from multiple series. I also like collecting sets! On my collection I try to only add scales, prizes, Nendoroids and Figmas and keep separate lists for other things such as Amiibos and mini figures.

As for my anime tastes; personally I'm a huge sucker for dark/horror anime and sad endings but I still like a wide variety of anime. Shonen is my favorite type since I love the action and adventure genres and I mostly enjoy the unique plots and universes. And I always LOVE a good tragedy.

My absolute favorite anime are Attack on Titan, Fullmetal Alchemist (2003), Gurren Lagann and Code Geass in that order, and the list goes on from there. For more, see my favorites list!

Video Games
Game-wise, I'm a big fan of The Legend of Zelda and an old fan of Fire Emblem before it blew up in the west. Twilight Princess is my favorite Zelda game, it holds a special place in my heart and is home to my favorite versions of the main three characters. My favorite Fire Emblem games are 1, 4, 7 and 10. I try to keep this profile mainly about anime since Fire Emblem actually consumes my soul and I could talk about it for hours. Fire Emblem lord scales are my hopeless dream T-T

...Also I have a thing for long-haired anime swordsmen











Hi Julia125!

Thank you very much! I'm glad you like my photos and account (^ᴗ^)

Maybe you haven't seen my pictures so far because I don't take new pictures often. I want more, but unfortunately I have little time to deal with it.

I looked your account, you have a huge collection (°ο°) Impressive, congratulations on it!
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Hi I couldn't help but think your room looks so cool! And really neat collection!
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I’m so sorry hes already been sold. So many people kept messaging me for him and we were trying to sell him ASAP. While I waited for your reply, my gf wanted him to be sold off by the next person who was ready to pay immediately. I’m so sorry!
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The worst thing is IF THE CHARACTER JUST APPEARS IN THE NEXT EPISODE WITHOUT ANY INTRO OTHER THAN HIS NAME FLASHED FOR LIKE 2 SECONDS IN THE BOTTOM OF THE SCREEN. Like they didnt even show HOW he materialized, he’s just magically part of the group because he arrived like two nights ago. How? Well, if you know the game, you’d know. If not, well, maybe the train or something? Maybe he’s a long lost brother or sth? A senpai? Some random dude off the street? WE’LL NEVER KNOW X’DDD
Honestly that made me ugly laugh, why is that so accurate???? Orphanage frat house of hot bois who save time, perfect X’DDD
Oh god I am SO happy you understand me. I have way too many of those kinds of charas. Giyu is an awesome choice tho, i definitely approve >:3c he a hot boi umf.

O H M Y G O D YEEEES!!!!! SO MUCH YES! I hate those types of characters so much too, oh my god!!!! This is why I never want a girl in the middle of all the hot guys (I hate otome/reverse harem/harem games and anime and just the genre in general), let me ship them freely without having to worry about one of them falling in love with a plain-ass jane that needs saving every two seconds!!! Ugh!!! Im glad you feel me ToT and I think Japan is feeling us too, theyre even phasing out the existence of that Haruka girl slowly, she isnt even in any promo stuff for Utapri anymore. X’DDD i think the creators are lowkey regretting making the franchise an otome, since having Natsuki and Syo all over each other is selling so much more than having them fight for Ms. Dead Eyes x’DDD

Honestly tho there are so many hot guys stuff coming out, I cant keep up X’D but im not complaining, more hot boys for me. My wallet isnt happy tho ToT

Cool! I’ll add you rn :D (I’m Anna Banana!)
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OH MY GOD THAT'S SO FUNNY THOUGH X'DDDDDDD Imagine living in this hugeass citadel and all these new people just keep materializing out of nowhere and it's actually like so normal for the characters, but for you as the viewer it's like "aren't you even going to ask the dude's background before letting him live there?? Like first of all WHERE THE HELL DID HE COME FROM???" X'DDDD I don't know WHY I wasn't confused when I saw that. Probably because I knew beforehand at least that it was a gacha game (my first encounter with Mutsu was when I was shopping with my friend at Animate Bangkok, and she told me about TouRabu - and subsequently prevented me from buying everything on the Mutsu shelf because even if I fell in love with him at first sight it still doesn't make sense to throw money at a character I don't even know X'DDD) and they had that 'sa' thingy and I knew how those things work, and I was like "oh yeah, personifications, Japan is super big on those - I mean, if we can have personified guns and personified hiragana, why the hell not swords too" X'D

Honestly, hot boys sell a series for me X'D Even better when there's no girl in the middle, but hey, what can you do. So I totally get getting into TouRabu even without the background knowledge! Good luck to both of us in our respective gacha hells, though X'DDD

I honestly approve of that weeb sentence because I feel exactly the same way X'D Like can I not get a guy that's as hot as Natsuki irl (without the split personality tho lmao). Also yes, I'm proud of you for showing restraint! :D I always tell myself that I can find a figure later if I really want it, and if I am not willing to pay the price difference then, I probably don't want it badly enough. So you're on the right track :D

(Btw do you have like a Discord or MAL or sth? It's so fun chatting with you that it would be nice if we could do it somewhere more comfortably than just like, MFC comments X'D)
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I totally get that! I think the whole reason I was able to understand the anime even without playing the game is because I know about the swords historically. Although I didn't know about their personalities and things like that as personified swords. Actually, now that I think about it, I don't know why I wasn't bothered by the fact that I didn't know anything about them at all when I started the series X'DDD I think it was because I fell in love with Mutsu at first sight and just started researching him (although I fell in love with him because he's Sakamoto Ryouma's sword, and he's one of my favorite historical figures X'D), and I guess I sorta just put everything into place while watching the series. Also, I think it does help watching Katsugeki before Hanamaru first! Because it gives a more in-depth (but not so much) idea of what these swords are and what their mission is.

I love all of the other swordbois equally, but Mutsu is above them all X'D I already definitely know who my starter will be once the game drops, lol. And yes, it's definitely gacha style! I just started UtaPri Shining Live (which is also a gacha rhythm game), so if the game releases this year I'm gonna be in two gacha hells... pray for me. X'D

ARGH I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN!!! Why did we have to choose such an expensive hobby??? But the boys (and sometimes, gals) are so pretty... ToT Also, the price for that Giyuu 1/8 is INSANE! Normally this is when I would tell you, if it's not an exclusive, to buy it from AmiAmi... but considering the shipping situations and whatnot, I think TOM might be your best bet there ToT Ugh, I'm so sorry... I hope you won't regret whatever decision you make though, whether you end up buying him or not TvT Regretting not buying a figure has definitely happened to me...
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Me too! The only thing I know of the TouRabu bois is whatever info I got from reading their profiles as well as from the two anime franchises... which isn't so bad I suppose, but I would love to get into them deeper. I'm pretty sure my love for Mutsu will only grow at this point. X'D But I know what you mean, I literally had no patience to try and learn the game when it was still purely in Japanese, so now that it's getting an English release I couldn't be happier. I much prefer consoles too; I never really gamed on the PC except to play Sims 2 like 14 years ago lmao.

I guess the Shinsengumi swords are lucky because legit Hanamaru's overarching plot and Katsugeki are focused on them. Katsugeki much more than Hanamaru, of course, but the common denominator between the two is definitely Yasusada. He's honestly my least favorite sword alongside Horikawa, but we'll leave that discussion for another time. But whatever the movie ends up being about, even if it's just about him, I'm still game for it because I love all the bois ToT And I know what you mean with them being addictive; I got into the franchise first because I wanted some of the nendos and I wanted to justify my purchase - but the anime series just made me love every single one of them, so now I want all of them. X'D;;;

YIKES. YES. Tbh it's one of the reasons why I'm also on my way out. The prices are just too insane for me now. I've decided to focus mostly on some characters/franchises and only on nendos and the occasional prize figure; scales are only for when I REALLY like the character and/or the aesthetics. They're just way too expensive now. Heck, even nendos are getting way too expensive and are coming with less and less accessories. Everything is just so... manufactured and uninspired. I remember the days when you can see that the ones who made the nendos actually watched the anime/read the manga or at least are familiar with the source material. Now you get nendos with missing crucial accessories, or the crucial accessories are a pre-order bonus so you're forced to order directly from GSC, or 900 different versions just to get the exact faceplate or accessory you want. It's become such a money milking industry, it's saddening.
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I unfortunately don't! I've actually never played the games, although that will change this year when they FINALLY release the game in English. I signed up for the announcement too just so I can be there when it finally opens up X'D I never liked gaming on the laptop/computer, but I suppose I'll have to start now, lmao. But I think, since Yasusada is still the MC, it might be a continuation of the anime. Or maybe, animating his "training", that time when he was gone? Like, seeing how he grew as a character and stuff while the others were busy frolicking about in the citadel. And honestly, I FEEL. In my case, I am so deep into the rabbit hole that I'm definitely treating the TouRabu nendos as a 'gotta catch 'em all' type of deal X'D Oh well, the upside to them not announcing/releasing new ones is I have time to catch up with getting the ones I missed (I think I have about 10 left?).

Oh gosh, that really is too much! I mean, even the Miku anniversary figure thing (that super elaborate one) is like, 1/7 or sth, and it was already $400 sth. Ugh. I expect Mutsu to be upwards in price as well, since Kane-san and Nikkari were already expensive back when I preordered them... WHy are figure prices going way up and quality going way down... This is part of the reason why I'm slowly bowing out of the hobby, I'm seriously being priced out ToT
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Unfortunately, the studio who did Hanamaru (Doga Kobo) is different from the one who did Katsugeki (ufotable). With Demon Slayer being their main money making cow, I doubt we'll get to see the promised TouRabu movie from them from like... 3 years ago ToT But still, even if it's not ufotable, Doga Kobo did a decent job with Hanamaru and I loved both seasons, so I'm highly anticipating the movie trilogy :D Please, MF, give us more swordbois. Don't end everything with Chougi. I at least need the Shinsengumi to be complete, dammit. GIMME NAGASONE

Gosh, I hope it's not as expensive as you expect it to be! ToT I myself am only waiting for the Mutsu scale... Which I hope won't be expensive, but given the price of Kane-san, I'm guessing he might be in the $150+ range ToT
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I really hope so. With a new movie trilogy announced for 2022, I think GSC/MF ought to get to making the other boys!

I'm really surprised they hadn't made those that appeared in the anime, like the spearbois, the drunkard tachis, and Tonbokiri. We need em bara musclebois, dammit! Midare, too. They oughta cash in on the trap craze. X'D

Also, no, I nothing caught my eye unfortunately. Maybe I just need to wait for Koto, but at this point I'm happy - that means I can stick to my wishlist still X'D
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Attack on Titan, Fullmetal Alchemist, Gurren Lagann, Code Geass, Demon Slayer, Soul Eater, Dororo, Hunter x Hunter, My Hero Academia, Fate, Tokyo Ghoul, Shiki, Death Note, Akame ga Kill!, Guilty Crown, Terror in Resonance, etc.
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Fire Emblem, The Legend of Zelda, Skyrim, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
Long hair, white hair, swordsmen, badassery, tragic, dark, mysterious, antihero, rogue, wings, long coat/cape, bandages, messy hair, abs, strong, smart, depressed, eye bags, wedding dresses
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