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To make a very long story short, I'm not a very run-of-the-mill individual. After all, it's not often one crosses paths with a girl who refuses to wear anything but men's apparel, expresses little interest in dating and scoffs at the thought of being called a "lady", and earned her bachelor's in Japanese Studies. (No, wait, it's just a marginally atypical fujoshi-cum-Japanophile. The kind with the mind of ten-year-old boy. The cross-playing, video game-loving sort.)

Um, anyway, I had my start with figures a la Saban's Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers back in the '90s. A lover of McDonald's toys, and the like, as well as the animals that came with Barbies. What got me back into the collecting groove was my passion for Araki Hirohiko's JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken series and a drive to possess high-quality merchandise to match said passion.

Other random facts: I have a fraternal twin brother, I lived in Japan a year, and I graduated magna cum laude with departmental honors.
Plenty: mostly shounen anime, but I have a soft spot for mahou shoujo. I'm also a fan of several Adult Swim- and Comedy Central-based cartoons, as well as some newer series like Adventure Time and The Regular Show.
Brian Jacques's Redwall series and Kenneth Oppel's Silverwing trilogy. (Yeah... I don't read a lot of "true" literature. I prefer manga and doujinshi.)
I'm incredibly easy to entertain as a rule, but I really love classic Nintendo titles; a bunch of JRPGs; action/adventure games, platformers, and the occasional fighter. I also like the Touhou games, but I can't say I'm very good at them.
Men who are men--extreme bishounen will only win them NAE. I like villains--the mannered, complex ones. They can be quirky and blood-thirsty, but not at the expense of composure. Eccentric introverts; prodigies. Big brother figures and role model-types.
I just listen to whatever I think sounds good, though I am especially partial to songs produced with Vocaloid software and Touhou doujinshi music.
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Inoki (2 år sedan) #15671335Happy birthday! I hope all is well.
Thanks Inoki and I hope you are well too =)
2 år sedan
Happy happy birthday to my dear friend~! ^^ I hope today is super awesome and that you get at least one of those Toudan who are being obstinate at the moment... May this upcoming year bring all kinds of success, happiness, and creative inspiration your way! (Also some nice doujinshi. Can't forget the nice doujinshi. ;D )
2 år sedan
Omg I found stuff that I really think you would be interested in. The first thing is apparently Alex Hirsch is developing a series for Fox, and second, there is a Rick and Morty game coming out that has Pokemon style battles.


2 år sedan
Happy birthday to my dear friend~ I hope you have a wonderful year of creative inspiration, happiness, and of course AWESOME ACTION FIGURES!! >w<
3 år sedan
Sekhmet Killing Stalking
Happy bday!
3 år sedan
Hey Inoki,

Happy B-day I hope we can hang out soon.
3 år sedan
Happy birthday! :)
3 år sedan
solluxcaptor (3 år sedan) #3413969You have a wonderful collection! :D You also seem pretty passionate about Jojo which is great to see. Thanks! I've been a tremendous fan of the series for a number of years, and I've amassed various goods and figures during that time. ;)
3 år sedan
You have a wonderful collection! :D You also seem pretty passionate about Jojo which is great to see.
3 år sedan
Shelia (3 år sedan) #3225217I came here after seeing your comment on Yagen's nendo page, and I just want to say that...
...I never expected to find a kindred spirit who loves Heshi (and Odagumi) on MFC, considering what the Western fandom is like for TKRB.
*slinks away*
Same here! *Air fives.* \(^u^)/ The lack of non-historical merchandise for any Oda Nobunaga character across series is bummer in my life. I developed a terrible hunger for his TouRabu swords' goods for that reason. (Yagen holds a special place in my heart since he was a gift to Nobunaga from Matsunaga Hisahide. Giving little boys to one another? Are you kidding me?)

But yeah: the Oda-gumi is dynamic and exciting; they're a diverse lot. Now if only they'd add more of Nobunaga's swords to the game in the future....
3 år sedan
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