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My hobbies, aside from collecting figures, watching anime, reading manga and playing bishoujo games, are to further educate myself in various sciences, which I also have to a large degree... by myself, that is. While I think university is a waste of money, I also prefer to be self-educated as much as is possible, for a number of reasons.

I also am very interested in the paranormal. Of course, the "paranormal" only is undocumented types of sciences. Quantum fluctuations likely are largely to "explain" many events, but briefly grouping them to that is not a very telling explanation.... I am open to quite a lot, though.... the world becomes so much more interesting when you allow yourself to be open to many strange things.

Hmm, what else..... well, I am very much into beauty - for myself, as well. My goal is to never grow old, myself, also.... that might be quite a challenge, but we will see. It is better to be optimistic, isn't it....? Oh, I also am a terribly lonely person. It's quite horrible. :/

I also hope to make a bishoujo game, in the future, but I don't really know if I can do it all by myself.... v_v but... that's one of my dreams, aside from also learning Japanese.
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