Best Goods from Japan
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Well hello and welcome to my humble page which you found worthy of visiting...

I'm Freykling, a crazy Dutch guy, and have been collecting figures for quite some years now. Sometimes only 1 or 2 in a month, but other times a lot more. Besides that I'm (obviously) a huge fan of anime, and have the dvd collection to prove it :P

As you can see Shana is my main heroine and I just must have almost every figure of her... Sounds sad, eh :>
But I don't just collect anything, I just buy figures from series I've watched and really liked, with the occasional random figure that I found worthy of buying~

I don't really have a prference on what anime I like, I like almost anything... From action to fantasy, from comedy to drama... As long as it interests me o/

So yeah, that's me~

PS: If anyone has those older Nanoha or Nanoha A's figures for sale or knows where they can still be found for reasonable prices, PM me :3


It's been a while I showed some sign of life here, sorry about that. Real life catching up and stuff... Which sadly caused me to not buy anything for the past years and to let go of some of my figures...

So if anyone is interested in one, let me know and I'll decide if I want to sell it or not. A lot of them are precious to me after all :)
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happy birthday
7 år sedan
Happy Birthday^^
8 år sedan
Pardon me for not being active a long time... Life had to go on for a while after all, bue guess i'm back for a bit :P
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Tenma The Idolm@ster
Happy Birthday!

Hope you are having a great day
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Happy birthday !!!
Have a good day ;-)
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Tenma The Idolm@ster
Happy Birthday!!

Have a nice day :D
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Happy 28th birthday ^^
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happy 28th birthday!! You have a great day.

You have a good collection
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Hey ^^. Gefeliciteerd. Maak er een fijne dag van.
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Best Goods from Japan


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