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Slowly adding owned figures...and gradually deciding what to sell.


I bought a Kasumigaoka Utaha figure from this seller and it arrived in good condition. There was only a minor bent in the box, but the figure was perfect. It was my first time buying off mfc and they were honestly patient with me and answered all my questions/concerns! Would not hesitate to buy off them again.
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i purchased the makoto danganronpa nendoroid from them (which is very hard to get a hold of), and they arrived perfectly! the seller is kind, polite, patient, yet can be firm and get any problems sorted out. they responded fast, shipped it out fast, and arrived fast. the figure was 100% authentic and is one of my favorite figures atm! i highly recommend purchasing from this seller. :)
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Seller was super friendly with great communication. Had no trouble or complaints. Figure came safely packaged and as described.
Would definitely buy from them again.
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i bought miku Strawberry White Kimono Ver. from them and it arrived in perfect condition! the seller was really nice and understanding. communication was also very good. don't hesitate to buy from them! :)
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I purchased a harvest moon Len nendoroid from this seller and it came in perfect condition! It arrived very well packaged and the seller was very helpful with everything!!! Beyond happy with my purchase :)
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I purchased the Len Nendoroid Co-de and the Ciel nendoroid from them and here's my feedback :)
The seller was very easy to communicate with and got back to me quickly whenever I had a question. The package came quickly and the figures were also in excellent condition :) Definitely would purchase from them again!
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i purchased the lion dance miku nendoroid from them and this is my feedback! they were super easy to work with and communicative, and the figure came in perfect condition!! she had no signs of being secondhand, and was obviously well taken care of =) overall, if they had another figure for sale on my wishlist, i'd buy from them again! 10/10!
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Hey! How much are you selling Vocaloid - Kagamine Len - Nendoroid (#769) - Harvest Moon Ver. (Good Smile Company) for?
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Purchased a Rin and Len nendoroid and this is my review. The seller was very communicative and answered all of my questions promptly! Unfortunately they were not packaged very well, and suffered a lot of box damage. However, the price for these figures was really really good so I overlooked it this once. It also came internationally (New Zealand to United States) so there's also that to take into consideration.

Communication: 10/10
Item as described: 9/10
Shipping: 10/10
Packaging: 7/10

Overall: 8.5/10

I would buy from them again, but the box damage did bother me a lot because it was very noticeable. Crushed corner on one box, line across the back on the other. If you want the figure boxes in mint condition, please be aware that there may be some damage.
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Thank you for your interest (≧∇≦)/

I've responded with the shipping quotes.

Shalilali2 månader sedan#97152498Hey, i sent you a message :-)
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