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I've been collecting figures now for 5+ years although I've taken breaks in collecting here and there. I fell in love with anime when I was about 11 years old and more than a decade later I still love Japanese animation and manga! Although I'm busy with school and work, I still make time for the things I love. Thanks for looking~

Chie and Yukiko belong together <3




DareToSpeak6 år sedan#2338160Well, it's a good way to keep track of the anime you're watching and you can also see suggestions on animes you may like :) It's sort of like myfigurecollection, but more about anime and manga. I created one so I wouldn't forget titles I've watched or read before. Hmmm I may look into getting one then
6 år sedan
Butt butt butt butt.
6 år sedan
I hope you have a beautiful day and get at least half of what you want !

Happy Birthday ! =)
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DareToSpeak6 år sedan#2176606Hi!! Thanks for the friend request! One Piece is amazing <3! and so is Kuroko no Basuke!

No problem, and thanks for accepting!! ^//^ I know right! One Piece and KNB have some amazing figures too! I wish someday I'll be able to own all the POP's! =^.^=
6 år sedan
omfg you own the sheepies i love

your collection is hella rad
6 år sedan
Hey I noticed that you are selling kirito the figma.
I might be interested.
6 år sedan
DareToSpeak6 år sedan#2008495Well, I had seen the first few episodes of the horrible 4kids dub, but I didn't get too far. I actually started reading it because I liked how the manga volumes looked (as shallow as that may sound). I have all the first print volumes with the gold lettering, I was so disappointed when they started being cheap with their printing and took off the gold! So yeah, that's how I started and it easily became my favorite manga!(And that's when I went broke buying all my POPS lol) How did you get into it?

That's funny that's what happened to me I saw the 4kids dub and I didn't like it at all so as the years went by I started coming across the DVDs and every time I I went to the store it was always there so I started watching and then I read the manga which Up to date! But yes I also went and bought some POPS and went completely broke! One piece is also special because it's the first show to really bring a tear to my eye. Ah the feels lol.
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DareToSpeak6 år sedan#2008410Ummm, it's purely optional. I tend to leave the old text there to see the conversation flow, but it's probably annoying to some lol

Oh ok yeah I'm kinda new to this I've been on this site for awhile but never really made an account till recently. So what got you into One Piece?
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DareToSpeak6 år sedan#2008327I'm very, very behind - Fishman Island behind :( I'll catch up eventually!
I like window shopping at forbidden planet; I prefer buying books from Midtown Comics over Forbidden though, since you get 20$ for every 100$ spend. Have you been to Image Anime? Their prices are insane, but they're definitely the only place here that carries such a large amount of anime figures.

Yeah I like midtown comics better and yeah i have to do a web search before buying something on image anime but I love going there to see all the stuff he has its like eye candy! don't worry after Fishman Island its gonna get real crazy lol. I have a question when you reply do I leave all the text from your comment or do i delete it?
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Sure no problem! Where are you up to in One Piece? I live in Brooklyn but I mostly like going to manhattan places like forbidden planet and other stores.
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Official anime merchandise


One Piece