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Wanna get into vocaloid music but dunno which songs to start? Check out this post I've made to gradually ease your way in: thread/16834

Vocaloids is my life: I adore all vocaloids but mostly IA and Hatsune Miku ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡

After that, I just like any cute characters, regardless of series or franchise (≧▽≦)
Mostly anime: Erased, Magus Bride, Future Diary, Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash, Made in Abyss, World Trigger, SAO, DxD, Konosuba, Demon Slayer, Goblin Slayer, To Love-Ru, Date-a-Live, Kill la Kill, Asterisk War, Black Clover, Azur Lane....
The Expanse, Skyward, War of Broken Mirrors, Six Sacred Swords, Zero no Tsukaima, Konosuba, Sword Art Online
Star Ocean, Tales of series, Half-Life, Alpha Centuari, The Last of Us, Uncharted series.
Vocaloids, frilly dresses, really extravagant outfits, animal ears, bunny girls, long stockings, really colorful and vibrant figures.
Vocaloids, Utaite, and J-Music. Some English songs too~



Hi! Don't stress yourself, I might get slower soon again. Right now I'm finally up to date with my MFC replies, but I've started my jobhunting here which of course eats up practically all the free time I had. :P I saw lakka chocolates in the supermarket here yesterday by the way! But they were from some really luxurious brand and super expensive. >.< I still hope to see actual lakka fruit being sold loose somewhere. :)

If you don't mind me asking, what kind of work do you do with such crazy hours? :O Your profile mentions being a field biologist, so you go on extensive searches outside?

I'll let you know my experiences with imgbox when I get to it! :)

Right now I am studying my grocery store receipts after purchases and try to remember the Finnish names for regular household products. That seems more important to learn right now rather than basic language skills, because with living near the capital city everybody is used to do everything in English anyway. :P I'm not confident enough to strike up a talk with the cashier yet, haha.

Hehe, most of those hobbies I will tone down with though, as right now I'm in a temporary tiny apartment with barely any spaces next to our desks and bed. So it's like, find a job, get a nicer place and then I can think about picking up any hobbies again. :P Although I have been secretly thinking about buying some new cross stitch materials and you know, maybe I'll just get them haha.

Take care and speak to you soon! :)
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You’re welcome and thank you :)!
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broken-Toybox lump of laziness
Well, at least I took the camera into consideration when I got a new phone last year (though the camera of the S7 was okay~ish for reviews as well). Thinking of how I use the macrolens most of the time these days and only adjust the light in my picture tent sometimes I do wonder which techniques you’re referring to though. x3 Whenever I do these things it all just seems kinda haphazard to me (sry, I was never good at dealing with people complimenting me).

Isn’t that a good way to go about it though? A collection doesn’t have to be big, it just needs to make you happy imo. :3
Any particular models you’re interested in?

Haha, I’m actually reducing my orders right now ( I was so proud when my ordered list was down to just one page here). I think December will be my last really big loot (7 scales, 2 prize figures and a bunch of other stuff), though January will have a lot of small goods. So, while you’re gearing up I’m actually doing the opposite. X3

Thank you! :3

Don’t worry about derailing my posts, if it’s too much I’ll usually shift it to pm, but sometimes I don’t even do that (blog/42480/comm... *cough*)

That song is cute as well, but it’s also obvious that it’s not sung by her. Not being a fan of something doesn’t have to keep you from getting figures either, though that also depends on the type of collector you are. :3

Yeah, the problem is once you try describe it instead of using the right term it just sounds so clumsy and dumb (not that I can always avoid that). Instruments can be quite bad as well, I remember googling forever while writing BLOG #41764 to find out that damn thing is called pipa…

Well, it shouldn’t be bad seeing how I actually major in anglistics, but I always feel it’s not enough. -_- It’s hard to judge if you’re proficient in any given language unless you do something challenging though, everyday conversation or casual chats are something that can be learned pretty fast and easily after all (studied a few other languages as well, though never to a useful level).
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broken-Toybox lump of laziness
Thank you! :3
Although I'd describe my photography more as functional and plain, I don't really aim for it to be pretty, I just want to bring my point across (not even using a real camera).

You have great taste in figures as well only picking the cream of the crop from your favorites. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)
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broken-Toybox lump of laziness
Thanks for accepting! Considering how much you support and comment my blogs it was about time wasn't it? (^ω^)
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Hello! That is fine, sorry it took me a while to reply back. Just did the actual move to Finland a couple of days ago and still have to settle down.

Thank you! :) I still have to think about how I'm going to let my profile look now and change my about me. I'm not really motivated to pick up all the panels again now that I'm in a place where I would have to learn the community from 0. With cosplay I have a half-finished costume I really want to complete, but not sure if I will continue the hobby after that, I've been so busy with a lot of other crafts related hobby's. Especially GK painting. :)

I have fixed a few of my blogs in the meantime and I'm uploading what is allowed to MFC and put the rest on imgBB. So far has been working fine. Wordpress is pretty limited with how much pictures are allowed, so I would have to make many blogs, which makes it very messy to keep an overview of what is linked where.

Thank you for letting me know about that website! Have never heard of imgbox before, seem to work similar to imgBB. I think I will keep it to imgBB for now (as I got used to it), but the first time I want to upload some NSFW, I will go try them out. :) Do you have an account on there by the way, any experiences?

I'll be honest, so far most of it has been a bit of culture shock for me. Doing groceries and everybody speaking a language you don't understand, announcers also non understandable...packaging of everything is FI/SE/NO/DK and no English. TT^TT It's a bit overwhelming, luckily I can take a few more days off before I need to get to business.

I'm actually impressed at how not cold it is here so far??? At any given moment it's about 5 to 10 degrees celsius colder here than the country where I come from. Right now we have both here and in my origin country the hottest winter so far in many years. I'm expecting it won't get really cold here until February and March. 'Spring' (as far as spring is over here) starts very late, early in June.

Grocery shopping and studying your receipt afterwards really helps, already picked up a lot of words from that. :) I'll also start actual lessons in a couple of months and try to watch most of my movies/series where possible with Finnish subtitles.

Haven't seen any Lanka yet, but only went to a few small local shops. The bigger supermarkets probably have it. :)

Look at me rambling about myself, how's everything hanging with you? :)
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I didn't even know I had it deactivated, thanks for telling me :^)

Yes and I really dig it! They could probably make one wearing some Madmax-styled gear and I would fall for her*.*
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Hi there~
Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog/diary entry! Another Miku lover, so nice~!
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Thank you man! :)
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Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Yeah im doing fine now no worries! :)
Thank you an yes xmas and new years day were both fun :) this year i only was with my bf on new years day and we took a stroll to watch all the fireworks :) was rlly nice.
Xmas well ofc with both families ^^ one day with mine and other day with my bfs family.
Hope yours were great too?
I also got nice presents as my bf and I exchanged some :)
Got the witcher book part 1, a dutch pancakes pan (very tiny pancakes its rlly good)and an orgonite pyramid (as i love that stuff, anything with crystals)
Rest we didnt rlly do gifts we just ate together :) not as big as in other countries hah :)

Aww ok thats very sweet of you, too bad it wasnt there but i appreciate you looking out for me!
As long as she stays within my budget im cool with it. (My budget for her is approx 85 euros total at most, thats what i paid for the one i sold)

Hmm now you got me curious about the crab and yeah i guess im more open to stuff xad so i wasnt too challenged as i enjoy squid a lot tho never has it dried. But i used to order that squid with sauce already with them which i was addicted to haha

Ohh so it has a different name? Hmm... good to know thanks! Yeah will surely enjoy it tho lately ive been more of a casual watcher so im slow with things haha

Well i wouldve understood if they kept her at least sad a bit longer and then try to find love again.. it felt a bit too soon. Now it was like ok i promised so guess i just move on. Instead of it still being a process.
Yeah i loved tabithas arc and it also made me appreciate kirche cause of it, she has always supported her after all.

Yeah i can understand it, but they also should look past it and the reasonings and backstory to it. Thats why i didnt mind it at all.

Yeah not many of the newer ones appeal to me either :( and theyre getting more rare or if theyre there, its stereotype like it feels a bit of a remake of already existing ones..

Yeah im a rare breed i guess XD haha tho i got 2 online friends here who are also big fans of louise :) voltage and blackthunder.
Im not much of a reader either but when im super into it thanks to either an anime or movie, i will read the original source :) and so I did. Tho still need to read the final 2 volumes but guess i will reread everything then xD

Yeah i keep track of mandarake as well.. and surugaya and yahoo jp. Just in case they pop up but i guess its too early for ppl to part with the stuff :p

Hmm the game, books or the netflix serie? Cause theres a lot of witcher nowadays so guess i give answer to all? XD

Netflix so far pretty much covered book 1, or well thr most important parts i think they did a great job there and am looking forward to next seasons :) (downside is goodies getting popular now, was just in time for the nendos and comic omnibus set as they got raised in price) you will only be bothered by triss merigold casting and frangila if youve played the games or reas the books as theyre not rlly well.. black >< cant say it better. But as actors, theyre good :) so yeah overall netflix adaption is good.

As for the game, im a casual gamer but daaamn this game made me play a lot and not casual XD its awesome and can recommend it. Tho witcher 1 is very old and will feel crappy but witcher 2 is still good to play and witcher 3 is where the fame started as its rlly a masterpiece :) the game however cant be compared to the books as for example triss has a minor role in the book but plays a bigger role in game. And story is different :) but definitly fun to play! Replay value too as you can get several ends and even side quests you can get lots of different outcomes! Some side quests are important to the etory, you will find out yourself after one playthrough ;)

As for the books, well i recently started and only finished 1 book now so im no expert there but so far its great :) so if you enkoy reading, definitly pick it up.
Theres also the comic adaption, i will be picking that up next week :) its done by darkhorse (publisher) so i expect it to be more true to the game rather than the books.
As they made figurines that follow the game looks as well ^^

Hope that helps!

And thanks yeah my bday is on the 10th of december
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