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Cho-LinNever enough iM@S ♥

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Hello and thanks for stopping by!

I'm a 25yo collector from Germany and have started collecting in 2009. My first figure was Nanoca Flanka which I found in a shop in Spain when I was on vacation. Since then I've been looking for figures of characters and shows I liked and my collection started to grow more and more.

Aside from being a collector I'm also a hobby artist. I mainly draw fanart of franchises I'm into at the moment (which can vary a lot) or my own characters. You can find me on dA or tumblr if you wanna take a look.

My top 3 franchises include: Inazuma Eleven, iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. I may not have much merchandising from those series for several reasons but they are very dear and important to me.

I'm also playing iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls: Starlight Stage right now and am trying to get better. My favorite girl is Yusa Kozue and I hope that maybe some day she will get voiced or maybe even get a figure!
I'd gladly accept friend requests ♥ My ID is 351165611. You can also find me on Cinderella Producers.

Thanks for putting up with me and have a nice day!

K Project, Kill la Kill, Idolmaster Cinderella Girls, JoJo, Inazuma Eleven
BL doujinshis, Yaoi mangas, JoJo
Disgaea, Pokémon, iM@S CG Starlight Stage
tsundere, calmness, pantyhose, small chest, twintails, blond hair
IOSYS, ALBATROSICKS, Momobako, miko, Starbomb, OST
Sony Xperia Z5 compact
Acer Aspire


Daww, thank you very much dear! ;A;
I'm fine, thank you! What about you? I hope you're doing okay too ;u;
3 månader sedan
Hello! Just want to say thanks, the plush arrived safely and is perfect ^^
4 månader sedan
I understand, the same goes to me it seems. I've been somewhat bored with the last events hahah. Well yeah, I started my internship in January so that's the reason I don't reply at time, sorry about it ^^;
Daww, congratz for your Miria! You're so lucky ;A;
She's soo cute, I like her Harajuku/Decora/whatever design, pastel colors are my weakness www. I wish I had enough jewels to get her orz. Maybe next year (?).

I'm trying to save jewels too, but I'm so weak when I see something that catch my attention... ww
9 månader sedan
MelKeigo ~Honey Fairy~
Happy (belated) birthday!!
9 månader sedan
Sorry for the late reply. I'm glad to hear it was a nice day for you! ( ´▽`)

I'm fine,thanks. Lately I'm very busy doing my internship at a bank from here ww. Sometimes I don't have time for Deresute (;´∀`)

Aah, yeah. I wasted 5k jewels and I got nothing www, only repeated cards orz. I have bad luck with these gatchas it seems . What about you? Did you roll in the past cinfes?
9 månader sedan
Hey, happy birthday! \(^o^)/
I hope you're doing okay ~ Have a wonderful day ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
9 månader sedan
I see that you got Limited Anya! Congratz ( ;∀;)
In the end I decided to wait for Cinfes, because I don't believe in my luck at all orz. Also, I need more SSR cute idol cards ww
Hey, maybe it's too early but I wish you a Happy New Year! \(^o^)/
Let's hope that 2018'll better, at least in deresute (;´∀`)
11 månader sedan
Thank you very much <3
Ooh, I understand. That seems nice~
And yeah, currently I'm trying to get 25k points only for the Scout Ticket ww.
Really? I didn't know at all, and I didn't have problems with the beatmap, at least in Master difficulty. Also, I think it's a cute song (Maybe in Master+ is more... complicated ww).
I don't really understand Scamco, Sanae has a lot of cards now wwww. Even though I like her, Emi deserved the Event card...
It seems that Scamco hates Suzuho and Emi a lot ;A;

Oh geez, I don't think I'm ready for these Limited gatchas orz. Also, everyone is saying that the uncomming Cinfes will be an Ankira one (Two girls, Passion + Cute). I don't know what to do, I wanted to get Limited Mika but I just have 7500 jewels here. I'm troubled.
11 månader sedan
Hey, I don't really know if you celebrate it in your place but...
Merry Xmas! I hope you had a nice day ;A;
11 månader sedan
Cho-Lin (1 år sedan) #28928822I kinda forgot that some people save up all their tokens till half the event is over and then use the x4 option wwww I don't think I will get a good rank this time but that's ok! At least I got Karen's card <3
I agree with you on Miku! I don't even understand why she is popular tbh. To me she is just annoying, especially with all her "nya"s and I don't really like her voice either =w=
I don't know if you like Layla or not but I'm soo happy that she got her perm SSR! I kinda fell in love with her SR and then when I started to read some CG Theater comics I started to like her more haha. Ever since Natalia got her SSR I've been waiting for Layla since they're a nice dup but I didn't expect her to get an SSR so soon. Hope I can pull her during CinFes <3

Hahah, I agree with you. Miku is so annoying and I also don't understand why she's so popular. Personally, I think other cute idols deserve more attetion than her ww
Btw, did you get a high tier in the Trinity Field event? Here I didn't get a good place due to time reasons. I had too much things to do, so I didn't play that much (;´∀`) At least I got Karen's card too heheh.
Aah, Layla-san <3 I quite like her a lot, but it's a shame her SSR ability is Concentration orz
Good luck on getting her ( ;∀;)
1 år sedan
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