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Happy birthday! I hope you have a great day ^-^
1 år sedan
Thanks for the quick response, I thought it would be some time until the tickets were made available.
2 år sedan
Were you informed when you could expect to receive you concert tickets? This ticket site did not really go out of it's way to inform me other than asking me to contact them if I don't get anything by 3 days prior to the event =/
2 år sedan
Happiness is not a value you can can measure with money :) If you are going to dedicate years of your life it should be something you enjoy. I recall a few years ago seeing a violinist perform in concert, as she got into the act you could see the change of emotion in her. The outpouring of happiness from her was felt by the entire crowd. I wish that all people could find such joy and fulfilment in their lives, the world would be a very different place.
2 år sedan
Hah hah, the reply I sent previously is all full of typing errors. The job definitely does not pay well for the ability requirements! I could earn double in any other software sector. All my colleagues have made this choice too, we have 2 of the top C++ programmers in the world at our office and they are here to enjoy themselves. Being around happy people makes a big difference in the working environment.

Horizon was a lot of fun to work on, but I wish that the design direction was a little closer to what Monster Hunter has to offer.

I have exactly 0 merch, but thankfully several months to prepare.
2 år sedan
I have a friend who shares height challenges, the last gig we went to at which we were among the last admitted she could barely see the stage over the people stood in front of her. On the previous occasion that she made it to the front she ended up with bruises from be pushed up against the barrier D:

Will you be taking any Mikumerch (other than glowstick) or cosplay items?

Job can be good, it does pay amazing well and the hours are long. But I have been very lucky to work on games I personally enjoy, currently I am working on Total War, previously I was on Horizon: Zero Dawn.
2 år sedan
Thanks! It is going to be a bit of an agonizing wait running up to the event waiting for them to arrive. But then again I would like to think the anime community is devoid of unscrupulous people.

I suspect the free merchandise is going to be something like a keychain :P Are you suggesting to meet at the venue? It's going to be experience to see so many otaku in one place, even working in the video games industry there sadly aren't that many anime fans in my office D:
2 år sedan
We had a desk move at work today so I missed the initial sale. I bought a pair of resale tickets, a bit of a risk looking at their terms and conditions. I hope I do not regret it D:
2 år sedan
Those front row tickets sold out fast D: Did you manage to get any or are you in the "standard standing"?
2 år sedan
Oh there is the option for either? Depends on the distance from the stage of course! Tickets go on sale this Friday, have you decided on seating/standing? I am poking one of my friends to go who recently moved to the UK from Holland and is now living in London. Being stood/sat with only a crowd of strangers causes me mild anxiety (I am a bit of an introvert).
2 år sedan
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