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The name's Carol, call me Carrot if it suits you better. As you can guess from the background, I'm a huge cyberpunk lover. Other than that, I love the 80s 90s too. There's really nothing interesting about me but I hope we can get along well.



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Happy birthday! :)
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Np! Thank you! :)
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Your written English is actually pretty good, in my opinion anyway! It’s good that you’re trying to improve in it, as it’ll be really useful in many ways ^^ I’ve also been attending anime cons including Comic Fiesta since 2013-ish and I assure you that CF is the largest one they have in Malaysia, they can’t go any bigger than that. xD It’s so huge that foreigners travel to Malaysia in order to attend it haha. There’s so much stuff to do, you’ll really have a really good time there!

For me I don’t really care much for the stage events and guest panels, I’m mainly there for the artist booths and doujin merch lmao. That has always been my main goal in attending any con: buy all the artist merch! But I heard there will be quite a few famous cosplay guest artists that will be attending too, if you’re into cosplay. I’m personally really excited to see a cosplay artist from Canada whom I’ve been following on Instagram for a long time ^^ Oh, and another tip for attending CF: ALWAYS buy your tickets in advance! Queuing for tickets on-site is never fun, I did it once before and I will never do it ever again lmao.

You know, I’m actually surprised when I first found out that you love KageHina as much as I do! There’s not a lot of Haikyuu fans around nowadays ever since the hype died down years after Season 3 of the anime, so I was really happy I got to know that you’re one of the few people out there who are still passionate about Haikyuu :) One thing I noticed though is that there is still always tons of Haikyuu merch available at cons, so maybe the Haikyuu fandom is pretty big here in Malaysia (good news for us)!
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No worries, I totally understand! It’d be awkward because I’m the complete opposite; I speak mainly English haha ^^; It’s just unfortunate that none of my friends are able to tag along with me to Comic Fiesta, so I’ll be going alone this time. It’s amazing that you’re going to KL all the way from Penang! Is it your first time to CF? The venue is absolutely humongous so there’s no way I’ll be able to find you even if you’re carrying an ita bag of my favorite OTP. xD

Also yeah, I do have 6 Nendoroid heads in total (3x Hinata, 3x Kags) and I honestly don’t feel bad that I got so many haha. I only have a small list of priorities and I don’t mind spending a bit more for my favorite characters and series :)
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Ah I was also really looking forward to the Nendoroid Dolls although I’m partly relieved that they got delayed because my wallet is safe for another month lmao. I’ve been doing lots of research on where to buy their clothes for the past few months! I discovered that on TaoBao there are tons of clothes suited for Obitsu 11cm bodies which I’m very sure will fit Nendoroid Doll bodies View spoilerHide spoilerYou might have heard of “Obitsuroids”... basically the original doll + nendo hybrid that people invented years ago but was then adapted by GSC to be made into the Nendoroid Dolls we have today. Just search “ob11” on the search bar. I think you’d be interested! Oh and speaking of Nendoroid Dolls, GSC just announced two new ones yesterday, ITEM #676143 and ITEM #676144. What do you think about them? I’m super stoked since I adore Alice in Wonderland figures~! View spoilerHide spoilerI think the Alice doll would go really well with my Cu-poche Alice ITEM #430675 ! The Cu-poche is already one of my favorite figures and I’m really glad there’s a Nendoroid Doll of Alice too! I’m definitely getting the full Alice doll but for White Rabbit I might only get his clothes. Sadly the clothes sets are only available exclusively on GSC’s online shop, which kinda sucks ;; but if you’re also planning to get the clothes, hit me up so we can split shipping once again xD

I actually already have an itabag for displaying my enamel pins, but it’s white/mint in color. I was actually planning to buy another one solely for a mini KageHina shrine since I don’t plan to change the theme of the itabag, so I wanted a base with Karasuno’s colors (orange or black... although I’m heavily leaning towards orange since the charms wouldn’t really stand out on a black background). I’m extremely picky about small details like this so it’s not working out very well lol :’) Thanks for the itabag tip though! Not sure if I’ll ever do it myself but it’s very helpful!
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Hey again~! Came here after your loot blog. Not sure if you remember me but I contacted you a while ago regarding the Nendoroid Doll group order and we’re friends on FB. It’s cool to find another Malaysian on MFC and it seems that we have a lot in common, so I hope you don’t mind me rambling. XD

I noticed that you bought most of your loot from TaoBao and I was wondering if they’re legit? The KageHina acrylic stands from the Chinese manufacturer seemed a little sketchy to me because the title was written in Chinese so it might not be official merchandise. But they still look great anyhow! I mentioned this already, but I’m also planning to make a KageHina itabag but never got around to do it it’s hard to look for the right color bag lol. I already have enough keychains and charms to decorate the bag but they’re mostly doujin goods that I purchased from individual artists at conventions: View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://image.ibb.co/jCOvNK/8_C2_F6_D6_D_2_DB1_491_C_A4_B2_EDF8_AF94_A202.jpg It’s a lot more cost effective as compared to buying officially released keychains and rubber straps since I’m broke as hell lol.

On another note, I see that you’re pretty new to collecting, so cheers to the new hobby! I’ve been collecting since 2014 and I know quite a bit, so if you have any doubts feel free to ask away :D I’d love to continue rambling but I don’t want to throw you off lol
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Check you Private Messages.
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victheduck2 år sedan#35704816hey there! sorry for the random FR but I saw that you’re also Malaysian and like Haikyuu!!, so I freaked out a bit haha. I also just wanted to tell you that I’m hosting a Malaysian group order on FB for the Nendoroid Doll archetype bodies (we require one more participant to proceed), thought I’d let you know since you said that you’re interested in them!
Ah hello there!ヾ(●´∇`●)ノ I'm freaking out now too as I never meet anyone who love haikyuu too. Please do let me join the group order.
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hey there! sorry for the random FR but I saw that you’re also Malaysian and like Haikyuu!!, so I freaked out a bit haha. I also just wanted to tell you that I’m hosting a Malaysian group order on FB for the Nendoroid Doll archetype bodies (we require one more participant to proceed), thought I’d let you know since you said that you’re interested in them!
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thank you for helping the details where very handy
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