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Hello everyone,

I am an ISTP male in my mid twenties. I have always enjoyed collecting things. As a kid I used to collect coins, pretty rocks and sea shells, expired telephone cards with designs, lego figures, pokemon/yugioh/magic cards, hotwheels, along with some other random things.

Now that I have enough disposable income, it is time to have a figure collection!
...or so I would like to say.


Not really sure what else to add to describe myself, so I will just leave this quote by my gf:
watch out in dark alley (¬_¬”)-cԅ(‾⌣‾ԅ)
loving (๑♡⌓♡๑)
figureholic <~~~~~ Nani?!?!? (●´ω`●)ゞ
moneyspender <~~~~ $¨$¨$¨ヾ(゜Д゜ )ノ$¨$¨$
future husband <~~~~ ༶ඬ༝ඬ༶
and much more

for distracting from hot tea ;; "

One punch, To Love -ru, Trigun, Gurren Lagann, Love Live, Ballroom-e-Youkoso, Yuri!!! On ice, Re:zero, Konosuba, and so much more.
The divine comedy, The house of the scorpion, Ugly series.
League of Legends, Witcher 3, Black desert, Little Nightmares.
You just have to be one.
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Hi there!
Nah no worries, I actually enjoyed your comments (dunno why...I am weird XD).

Well played I should say cos indeed all packages arrive first to Bogota and then come to the rest of the cities. So yeah, package probably still there in the main office or in somebody else's hands XD
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For now I won't be hunting Tanya. I'll have patience and just go with the flow. If she never appears that means she is not for me :'( also I can't make a claim since it's Unreg SAL and my country post service is completely shit. I went to the local main office and they told me they can't do shit if I don't have tracking, meaning that sadly she is lost in my own country and they CAN'T help me AT ALL.*sigh*

Thanks! I wasn't a collector until I got a nendoroid some years ago...that's when the nightmare began xD I'd like to get scales at some point but I like to be careful with monthly budget plus nendos are better for small place like mine. Still, scales are amazing and I hope to start getting them one day in the future (with bigger place as well of course).
That's why I am little bit jealous of your collection plus you have pretty good taste ;)
Gosh,tell me about it! I don't have IKEA here so finding a good display case is a hard thing to do so last year I had to save enough to get a custom made one perfect for my small room but my collection keeps growing and I am worried >_< as you say it is hard to get a new place!...oh the struggle!

Thanks a bunch for your message and please don't worry I enjoyed your sense of humour ;)
Take care and good luck with your collection!

Hugs! :3
1 dag sedan
Ahhh, Thank you so much!!!! :D
4 dagar sedan
Man, can't believe you savagely hurt my heart and then sent a friend request?

Seriously, I laughed a lot when I read your 1st comment on Tanya's page and then slowly, I faced the reality and a heavy cloud covered my heart, thank you very much XD. My face was weird, half laughing and half depressed. Indeed, the "hello darkness" was appropriate for the moment!
Funny thing is that the package is probably lost (or even stolen) in Bogota! (that's why your comment was on point in terms of savagery).

OMG I even thought about the hamster video as well ahahaha!!

Anyways, glad to make a new friend here, specially one with such fantastic collection (fine taste there) (*o*)
Take care.

Hugs from Colombia!
5 dagar sedan
Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
Heya! Happy late Eater.

Hopefully you had a good weekend?
24 dagar sedan
Jam3410 Uncrowned King
Thanks for accepting your loot articles gave me the final push to get back into collecting after readying your holy loot article, was awesome seeing so many figures at once reminds me of when i bought alot of mine when i first started. I had to step away from collecting but getting back into it now :D
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Szia Butcher! Köszönöm szépen! ( •˓◞•̀ )
1 månad sedan
Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
Yup, you're right. It seems I'm an ISFP after taking the test. I'm a mediator.

Don't mind me. Just dreaming up some fantasies here in the corner lol
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Butcher ISTP
Valestein3 (1 månad sedan) #31511983For the longest time, I was wondering what ISTP stood for and apparently it's a personality type?
Apparently, I'm an ISEF

It is a Myer Briggs personality type(aka: MBTI) There are 16 types of personalities using the letters ISTP < for example, or ENFJ.
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Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
For the longest time, I was wondering what ISTP stood for and apparently it's a personality type?

Apparently, I'm an ISEF
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Butcher ISTP
Valestein3 (1 månad sedan) #31511239Butch, er... well, I just wanted to drop by and greet you a happy Saint Patrick's day!

Thanks :D

Happy early Saint Patrick's day! xD
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