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  • Ok thanks for your replay. Have a nice day:)
    3 månader sedan
    I saw that you own the 2b bier figure. Are you maybe interested in selling her ?:)
    3 månader sedan
    Grazie per la friend, cerco di esplorare il lato social di MFC :D
    7 månader sedan
    Axelsaurus4 år sedan#11416794Auguri caro!

    Grazie! (anche se è domani :P)
    4 år sedan
    Axelsaurus4 år sedan#6372660Auguri in ritardissimo, non so perché mi è arrivata solo oggi la notifica!
    Grazie mille!!! ^^ ma no figurati! Grasssie! :3
    4 år sedan
    Axelsaurus4 år sedan#5041596View spoilerHide spoilerIf only "otaku people" thought that way... Sadly most animation products nowadays are mediocre (luckily not all of them), completely plagued by "genres" (rigid and full of stereotypes) and fanservice... and by fanservice I don't mean nudity, I mean that most of the anime are thought FOR otaku people instead as a work of art by its own... A lot of people think of it just as "boobies and butts", but sadly fanservice is waay more influential, and "boobies and butts" aren't necessarily fanservice at all... I actually think it would be beautiful if nudity stopped to be a stereotype in anime, it should be represented more naturally... Now or it's fanservice, or it's censored, and I don't know what's the worst.
    The most terrible thing about all these things, is that actually good works don't get the money, 'cause they're not as successful as mainstream mediocrities.

    You speak my mind! >< I literally have nothing to add. Always cool to find someone who shares your opinion in controversial subjects <3
    4 år sedan
    Axelsaurus4 år sedan#5031812Completely agree with everything you said! Some works from that project are absolutely stunning, I'm hoping that this expo will help some of the artists to work with bigger projects such as movies or series. And for now, I'd really love an artbook for every season of the expo! My favorite shorts are Me!Me!Me! and GIRL! (that creepy/sexy/metaphoric aura they have is just my thing), but I really appreciate or even love a lot of others, including Robot on the Road and the Yamamoto one that you mentioned. A Meme or a Kami-sama (GIRL) PVC high quality figure would be a dream coming true, but it would also be a bit hypocritical with the metaphorical content of those shorts, so I'm not expecting anything sadly.

    I really hope so too, sadly a lot of anime are still stereo-type stories and/or rushed in production just "to deliver", and no one dares to experimate with genre or visual concepts to stay on the safe side. I hope people continue to realize anime is an artistic media; that's what makes the difference to shows with RL actors or silly cartoons.
    Well the episodes sure managed to grab attention! A lot of people know about them without having heard anything about NAM, haha. I just love the psychological dilemma they've portrayed. I'd buy figures in a heartbeat! >< I wouldn't think they're impossible but I'm certainly not expecting them either :/ I'm usually the first person to think the term "art" is put on every tiny thing too easily and laugh at it but I know it when I see it and visual beauty combined with wordless story-telling that tells of horror while everything is bright and colorful, THAT'S art. I hope people see that in ME!ME!ME!/GIRL one day and not just the boobies
    4 år sedan
    Axelsaurus4 år sedan#5022420Thanks! Yeah I really love those shorts, I wish we had at least an artbook or something from them.
    Yes me too! The mix of bright colors/pretty/sexy and horror was hella creative and interesting. I loved the entirety of Nihon Animator Mihonichi, so many interesting concepts, so much story-telling and emotion put into so little time per episode. Aside from these two, my favorites were probably the ice skating episode and the perv robot, lol. Wish there was an artbook with information about all the artists, they're all so talented!
    4 år sedan
    Waaah, I loved ME! ME! ME! and especially GIRL! those gifs are so pretty :)
    4 år sedan
    Axelsaurus5 år sedan#3799962Auguri! :D

    grazie mille ^______^ :D
    5 år sedan
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