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Mitsuna リトルバスターズ最高!
Definitely! Ratchet and Clank music is always so good, and I also agree about the reboot being a bit disappointing. It looked beautiful and the controls and everything felt great but it was a watered down rewrite of the first one so I guess that couldn't be helped. The humour and story of the first game is too good. They said the new one follows on from Into the Nexus so finally we get a continuation from where the story left off!

Aaaa I am really happy to hear that!! I will be looking forward to hearing what you think (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
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Mitsuna リトルバスターズ最高!
Aridia's theme is one of my favourites!! I pre-ordered the new game but still have not gotten my hands on a PS5... I hope the stock situation changes soon.

If you do play Little Busters I would love to know what you think of it, it is quite long but also very important to play right until the end :D
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Mitsuna リトルバスターズ最高!
Thank you for accepting! and thank you, I love Ratchet and Clank so much! The original trilogy really had some great writing. I can't wait for the new PS5 game as well :D
As for Little Busters, I cannot recommend it enough. It makes it way onto the top 10 VN's of all time list as well as being voted Key's best work and best characters. It's definitely considered a masterpiece, if you like visual novels then I really really recommend it!!!
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Thanks for accepting my FR! It's a great manga, definitely strange but really funny! I really wish they had printed the manga in english. It's nice to meet you!
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