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I'm just a girl, from Australia, who loves Anime and Manga, and reading and writing, and drawing and admiring art~

And now, collecting and admiring figurines <3


Anokrah4 år sedan#6544206Thank you! Yours is sweet too!

4 år sedan
Love your collection !!! 8D <3
4 år sedan
Anokrah4 år sedan#4595195Hehe, I hear he is the rarest of all~ So probably a long time until then~ XD
I heard of a method, quite a lot of ppl get jiji through this... but it will required huge resources and tokens...
Well... this is found in the wikia, they say that when u have like 18,000 resources each, spam the smith with 950 all and some did eventually get jiji using this method... I'm still trying though...
And they put a new autumn night background! So romantic! <3
4 år sedan
Thank you for being patient with me!
Thank you for supporting me!
Hope you enjoy them
BTW saw your comics collections- Its a real tear joker- tegami bachi
4 år sedan
Anokrah4 år sedan#4604781You have such a large collection! It's awe-inspiring!
Thanks! Been collecting for a while now :P
4 år sedan
Hope u get jiji soon! I too pray that I would get him~ He is my last sword~ I have been playing for 153 days~ ><
4 år sedan
Anokrah4 år sedan#4580353After small confusion, yes, it's entered successfully~! (I sent you a mail.)
I'll really get worried. Glad to know that!
4 år sedan
Hi. Did u successfully enter and get the BG? O.O
4 år sedan
Anokrah4 år sedan#4580241Thanks for your message, but I've already got several offers, so I think it's covered right now.
I can offer some advice on how to send a PM, though.
First open up the users profile page; and at the top left you should see a few links; FR, PM, Leave a Comment, and Report.
Just click PM to send it.
And if you get a reply, you'll get a notification next to your name at the top right, under 'manager'.
;w; ohhh i see, thanks for showing me that
4 år sedan
I have an unused Code Available if your interested, not quite sure how to pm on this site still ; w ;
4 år sedan
Buy Anime figurines and japanese popculture collectibles at figuya.com


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