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You have some of the Megahouse Felyne figures - do you have any tips as to how on earth you remove the eyes? They are almost flush with the face, and have nowhere to get a grip or to even slide anything into the nearly non-existent gap. D:
3 år sedan
Not sure if youre having pm problems but you can send photos to my email e.s.ward89[at]gmail.com
4 år sedan
Hello, I pm'd you about the Puchitto Rock Shooter you were selling.
4 år sedan
Happy Birthday !
5 år sedan
DeadlyAnime Web Designer
View spoilerHide spoilerYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
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Anelace6 år sedan#1956289I love your avatar choice! I saw a one of your comments and was momentarily confused thinking it was me.Oh! I see...o__o Well, I must say I like your choice too! XD
6 år sedan
Happy Birthday!
7 år sedan
Anelace8 år sedan#1183967Did you get the extra parts for your Snow Miku? Mine just arrived and it includes a non-cloudy gem. Not that I minded it, but it's nice to have both. :)

That's cool, what all did you get? I didn't request the extra parts, it didn't occur to me to do so since the cloudy gem was the only thing off with my figure. Darn it, now I feel like I'm missing out!

Do you contact GSC to get them?
8 år sedan
Anelace8 år sedan#1154837Mine had the cloudy gem too, and so did a friend's, but that's the only issue. I was a little paranoid opening her, but luckily it turned out okay! I actually kinda like how the cloudy gem looks.

I haven't received anything else lately, but the Cheerleader Miku statue did just recently ship. :) How is your collecting going?

That's good to hear, it's a really nice figure. The cloudy gem isn't an issue for me either. It's a shame they had such poor quality control for so many people.

I had these two arrive on Friday (Item #93303 and Item #94890) and both are stellar. The Princess of the Crystal is particularly awesome if you're a penguin lover :)
8 år sedan
Hey there! I saw you obtained your Snow Miku, hopefully you didn't have any of the quality issues that were rampant with the figure. I was fortunate enough to receive one with no issues, save for the cloudy gem.

How's your collecting going? :)
8 år sedan
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