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Hello Alexia,
I've been cleaning out my inbox and noticed past interaction with you before. I'm currently letting go more than half of my collection wondering if anything you're interested? Discount bonus for us old timers ;)

1 år sedan
Happy New Year c:
6 år sedan
Yo Alexia c: what up!
7 år sedan
You used to be so active here ><
7 år sedan
neptunecadet ~Sayonara no Tsubasa~
Hey! ^_^ How have you been doing? Have you been doing okay?
7 år sedan
ill be attending on saturday and sunday but going inside on sun and sat ill be hanging out with some cosplayers but your welcome to choose whenever day that works for you. Alexia7 år sedan#1454188Hmmmmm, I don't know yet. I will just tag along with you >3<"
7 år sedan
oh! don't worry about it, i'm happy just being a attendee with no costume this year at least no one will stop me for pictures XD are you wanting to cosplay? Alexia7 år sedan#1453842What do you want to be this year? maybe I can get you a pre-made costume :D
7 år sedan
sadly no, i really didnt have time to make a cosplay since i'm busy with school. Alexia7 år sedan#1453743cool! Are you going to dress up? xD
7 år sedan
well i may be bring another person from MFC if you will like to meet up with us i'll be happy to bring you along Alexia7 år sedan#1453476If you go with me xD
7 år sedan
Your welcome~! i noticed your from Ontario are you going to attend anime north? i also love your collection~!:D Alexia7 år sedan#1453423Hi hi!
Thanks for adding me to your friend's list :3
*Hugs* :3
7 år sedan
Best Goods from Japan