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On another Jojo bender!
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thank you so much ace!! ♡♡♡
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suta_pura o r a ✩ o r a
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I've been doing alright^^

I'm sorry to hear about that. I truly hope that life improves for you sooner than later. Times are tough right now especially with inflation and work but I hope that has not affected you too much.

Yeah, the Jotakak one is horrible, I reccomend This product. It was very useful for cleansing my eyes.

Yeah, I am done, no longer ordering from AA and am slowly canceling my orders from their site. I understand that it's not really their fault... but when other sites and proxy services offer shipping prices that are half of AA's it is easy to cancel from them.

I actually just picked him up from my post office today, they didn't specify the issue but he got to travel around the country a few times before I got him so that is fun for him lol
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( ̄▽ ̄)ノHi AcePlatinum,

I hope you have been doing well recently. It has been a while since we last messaged each other. I recall our last conversation went down the odd Jotakak path... and coincidentally I scrolled too far on Pixiv and found one of the strange Jotakak doujin artists. (The infamous Izu *NSFW* if you are curious T-T) They'll often change his entire personality just to make him seem like a more typical yaoi bottom I guess? Idk Definitely a low point of today, besides DHL bothering me about my Kars nendoroid. They put the shipment on hold and he's back in Japan now so I am a bit concerned. Enough about me-

How has collecting been going for you? Shipping is still pretty rough for Canada. Regarding that, I hope that things improve for you. It's about time they at least make surface available. Prices are rising for everything so DHL is the cheapest option for single nendoroids from amiami at this point. But, yeah I just wanted to check in, have a good afternoon.

edit: your pfp is beautiful
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suta_pura o r a ✩ o r a
Hope you're doing well~
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i tend to use discord/group chats sparingly out of awkwardness, but if you don't mind me lurking, feel free to send me the link!
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suta_pura o r a ✩ o r a
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Oops, your comment got a bit buried, sorry about the late reply ^_^" Thank you for the invite, I appreciate it but I don't use Discord ^_^"
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Great! I wanna join that JoJo discord! Thanks!
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Hi! Thank you! It’s te SAScord? Because I’m already here
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