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  • 10TonHamster7 år sedan#1340792Sorry, but they are not for sale.
    YesAsia say that they have the set in stock. Not sure if it's true.
    Best Wishes

    ok thanks ! :)
    7 år sedan
    hi =)

    did you sell your excel of excel saga's figure please ?
    7 år sedan
    10TonHamster8 år sedan#1034443Happy Birthday!

    Thanks so much! c :
    8 år sedan
    This is a very impressive collection! You be must close to owning every available Nendoroid... or do you, I lost count :)
    8 år sedan
    sangtram ブラック★ロックシューター
    Thanks for letting me know Hamster!
    It was very nice to do business with you!

    10TonHamsterNendos arrived absolutely fine. Outside of parcel had got a bit bashed, but padding/wrapping meant that figures were totally unaffected. Many Thanks.
    8 år sedan
    Thank you for answering my question so quicky. That case you suggested is exactly what I need. I have some Cherished Teddies figures that I'd love to put in that sort of case but I don't know if they can be cleaned off (other than dusting) without damaging them. I have one Japanese figure and it is still in the package.

    I love the Milky Holmes series and they have some Nendoroid versions of them. I love the Nendoroids but I'm sitting on the fence. I don't want them to get gross. However it seems that once something is not "current" anymore in Japan they do not tend to make things with that character on it even if it is still popular(I learned that from my favourite series Sailor Moon). Anyway thank you for your time.

    P.S. Isn't Gan-chan a rat or mouse not a hamster?
    8 år sedan
    Merry Christmas
    8 år sedan
    Your welcome :D
    8 år sedan
    Singer_Yuna All along the Watchtower ♪
    10TonHamsterHappy Birthday!Thank you so much ^^ I appreciate it a lot, it's being a great day ^^
    How is Sasara doing? Riannon is too white tanned, she only went outside a weekend of last year, MikkuMiku is healthier with all her Miku and lucky star partners ^^
    9 år sedan
    10TonHamsterHappy Birthday!

    Thanks ^^
    9 år sedan
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