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And so, I got out my Play Arts boxes and see if they reached the ceiling, like Gemini's figma boxes, and they do! The second stack next to it are the rest of my Play Arts boxes (including the entire Advent Pieces box which includes JP Play Arts Cloud and Fenrir). Fortunately, I'm doing some more organizing today - bought more red ugly boxes at Ikea - so I had an excuse ;P

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..-i want dat _|3
7 år sedan
7 år sedan
Lol, very nice stack. I don't think my play arts collection will reach the ceiling like yours. Looking at it is amazing.
10 år sedan
drowranger ☆keelerleah☆
Wow, what a collection! :)
10 år sedan
Strife212 Original Blue
Good stuff!

I would try it as well but most of my boxes are in the loft now.
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