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Alter: “At least, people won’t see my brand on a poor quality product…pheww”

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Hahaha love it.
6 år sedan
LMAO, Genius
6 år sedan
Alter can learn a thing or two from these bootleggers about releasing products ahead of time j/k
6 år sedan
ghirahim Needs more Kyouko
Ahahaha, oh wow.
6 år sedan
Omg! That's brilliant!! XD
6 år sedan
FAKE !!!!!! this is FAKEE
6 år sedan
I gotten a good chuckle out of this. lol
6 år sedan
What the........................
6 år sedan
But Good Smile doesn't XD
6 år sedan
Your one stop shop for figures, Japanese snacks, Japanese Language Books and Learning Materials and other Japanese collectibles.

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