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Why such beautiful girls inspired so much anger and hate and deserved to be banned? It's so sad :*(

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These figures are bootlegs made by E2046 and some time ago the staff decided to ban all of them from the tsuki-board database, that's all.
10 år sedan
What do you mean banned? I don't understand..
10 år sedan
She is Azusa Miura figure.tsuki-bo... Mine is the E2046 Gathering version of her.
They are standing on a blue sheet of plastic that produces that reflectiveness. I couldn't use my portable studio for taking this picture because the large group of figures and I tried my best to arrange an interesting background, but I got a bit unsatisfied with the result. Their bases are too big and I couldn't arrange them in a more pleasant way. Also I couldn't put all of them well focused even using a high f-stop. But thank you for your praises, yama =)
11 år sedan
takarayama Enjoyer of Life.™
Beautiful figurines. :o

Who is the character with dark blue hair in the middle? She looks familiar somehow...

I love the background and the reflective whatever it is they stand on. Is that reflectiveness from the glass table or is it something else? Great lighting and picture quality. ^^
11 år sedan
Most probably that was because the envy of many :-P
11 år sedan
I'm starting to think that's what happened to my Princess Tutu garage kit. She used to be in the database but now I can't find her. How could a sweet girl like this be banned?

11 år sedan
I have that ink with the cosplay of echidna ,she is adorable ^^.
11 år sedan
Zetsubo-san I LOVE HUMANS!!! (or do I? XD)
Indeed, they're beautiful. :)
11 år sedan