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It doesn't get much worse than this

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Those are the eyes of a man that has seen some shit
1 år sedan
Thank you God for making people who make bootlegs! This made my day! :D
4 år sedan
I honestly want this more than the real one. DAT FACE.
6 år sedan
This never fails to make me laugh. XDDDDD
6 år sedan
Elesta ✰彡
What causes some people to buy bootlegs...
6 år sedan
I forgot how to eyes....

6 år sedan
This is Levi's face when he enters a dirty room. It's right before his "obsessive cleaning mode" activates.
6 år sedan
dat face LOL
6 år sedan
I would buy this bootleg just to cheer me up when I'm in bad mood. Dat face ! XDD
6 år sedan
dat eyeliner
6 år sedan
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