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MastraCustomMastraCustom7 år sedan
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    Aug 29, 2013
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Yuu Kawamura with Izumi, Aya and Nozomi :D
Only Mana is missing... one more and the collection will be complete ^^

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5 månader sedan
thanks to your Picture ordered aya and izumi. the other two will follow soon.
7 år sedan
astarte9527 år sedan#1700463they are so adorable!
Arigatou :)
Rei-fan7 år sedan#1700484Ooooh that's soo cute!!! >w<
Thank you so much my dear friend ^___________^Cantisama7 år sedan#1700670They look great together! I may need to:
1) learn Japanese
2) play this game

Ahahahah I should do that too xD
english7 år sedan#1700703They look great together, so enjoyable
Yes!! I agree with you ^^ thank you!
Nachtjager7 år sedan#1700744passami la battutaccia ma è da prima che la penso XD
Aggrazie :3
Ahaahahaah diciamo che tutto sommato ce stà dai xD
7 år sedan
ahiahiahi vado punito io XD mi sono ricordato ora di venire a likkare (e NON leccare eh) la tua fotuzza con le 4 donzelle di se (vabbè) kirara ... passami la battutaccia ma è da prima che la penso XD
7 år sedan
They look great together, so enjoyable
7 år sedan
They look great together! I may need to:
1) learn Japanese
2) play this game
7 år sedan
Ooooh that's soo cute!!! >w<
7 år sedan
they are so adorable!
7 år sedan
Merleawe7 år sedan#1699992They look so great together :3
Oh yes, they're so sweet... a very nice collection! Thank you so much :D
bredoman1237 år sedan#1700005Simple and beauty!
Arigatou :3
Tarkana27 år sedan#1700082Great group shot!
Thank you so much :D
nitromob7 år sedan#1700224Pretty nice....wish this was an anime....would watch it in a second with these cute ladies.
I understand well what do you mean... I would did the same :D
7 år sedan
shinhawk7 år sedan#1699564All of them are so simple, yet so lovely.
I agree with you!! Thank you :3
Neko_Hiba7 år sedan#1699600Complimenti per la composizione Mastra ^^
Grazie mille ;)
Necromancer7 år sedan#1699674so pretty (:
Thank you! :D
Morilec7 år sedan#1699802Ma anche la bravura a fare le foto ci vuole, quella che io non ho. :P
Hihihi ma grazie :D
Myu-chan7 år sedan#1699816Colorful and cute! *-*
Supercute!! xD
Arigatou :3
7 år sedan