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Madokami finally joins the other girls to complete this shelf. I had to sacrifice the nendos to make room, though; they're going to go somewhere else, I guess.

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Madoka figures always look so awesome together... If one day I feel like I have too much money I will get the five girls and make a nice display out of them xD
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Mikaino Going to Gencon!
MikuNya7 år sedan#1663089nice display! where'd you get the stands in the back that hold Homura and Mami up?
Risers are able to be found quite easily on sites like ebay, amazon, etc. :3
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nice display! where'd you get the stands in the back that hold Homura and Mami up?
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Absolument merveilleux!
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They look great displayed like this! I dream of the day I have my own place, and actual space to display Madokami ^_^;;
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Nice collection!
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sebulbob7 år sedan#1301107Simple, by not liking a pink hype loli. :)
Yet she's technically awesome, but the design...not my taste.

I guess if you don't like pink-haired loli girls in epic dresses then you will probably pass on her. Thought I couldn't say she is just a hype figure, I see her as more then that. As someone who as never even seen the show I fell in love with her beautiful dress, fantastic base and her over all level of detail. And she is a pink-haired loli so that really helps. haha
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Homu Homu!
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I see Mami.
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I hate when people put the nendoroid's or figma's version of them in the same case it looks dumb.
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