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About this picture

Why do I have a feeling my loot pics are getting bigger and bigger?
Well it's just the goods and doujinshi that make this loot look huge. My stuff from three or more group orders arrived recently, that's why there's pretty much everything. So not just figures and manga but doujinshi comics and straps from Toranoana, and (not all so legal) fanart postcards, coasters etc. from Taobao. I received two small packages from Australia too.

July's best find was definitely my Kanade plushie that I'd wanted for a long time already but couldn't find anywhere for good price - until I spotted it at Otacute for back-order and a week later they let me know they had found one for me! With this plush I also decided not to get a figure of her, I'm all good now.
I'm very happy with my new cups as well. Same goes to Kyuugou's One Piece doujinshis that had been on my must-get list forever. Finally I own them <3

..and why is that I almost never have anything to say about the figs I've gotten? xD

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Thanks for the answer! I got my Sket Dance mug at YJA, it was sold out at Mekke! when I looked. I was wondering if you got it from somewhere cheaper xD
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@catnapy: On several online stores that are located in Japan like AmiAmi, BiginJapan, Hobbysearch and Mandarake. I also participate in group orders with other collectors to get some random stuff from here and there.

@hamsterfactor: Thank you!
The mug is a Jump Festa item that's available on Shueisha's online store called Mekke! Here's the page mekke.shueisha.... With domestic and international shipping + proxy fees the mug cost me about 20 euros - not cheap but the mug was a must-have for a fan like me P:
edit:// your Sket Dance mug is also Jump Festa one. Dunno if you bought it on Mekke! or somewhere else though.

@angelbott: Thankies! I'm very excited about Celty! Yesterday I finally took her out of the box and now I'm displaying her next to Izaya :D
lol I clean up everything right after I've taken these loot pics, I put the stuff on shelves: figures that I won't display just yet go to my wardrobe, mugs go to in the cupboar 'cause I'll use them etc. But you know, I really don't sit on my couch that much unless I have visitors, I'm always sitting at my desk, at my computer.

@drowranger: Thanks, my loot friend xD I'm looking forward to see your Byakuya loot with nice small goodies.
Do you read doujinshi (scanlations) then? I read a lot and during these years I've found some awesome circles and doujinkas that I want to support and buy their works. One of my top fav authors' works haven't even been translated, yet I'm buying almost all of her books ^^
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Maaah, where do you do your shopping from?
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Awesome loot! :D Oh man, I want that Ao no Exorcist mug so much. Can I ask where you got it and how much did it cost?
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Very nice goodies. xD Yay for Kamui and Celty figures. xD (I want to get Celty figure but I'll wait for her as I will get her in some day. ^^) cute cups! xD if your loots full room in your couch so where you sit on this? xDD
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drowranger ☆keelerleah☆
Very nice loot!
It's funny how it can all add up like that. ^^ I've been on a Byakuya buying streak lately (an excuse to test out some new proxy sites), so I'll probably have a pile of little items too (cards, key chains etc.)

Oddly enough, I've never felt the desire to buy doujinshis (which is strange since I do so much fanart myself).
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@Kibi: I've never ordered alone but I tried with one proxy a while ago. They were really nice and tried to get an item I wanted from many taobao sellers. But as I didn't have any luck (the sellers listed the item eventhough they didn't have any) I asked them to refund me later. So far I've got my tao stuff through lily's and digifreak's group orders.

@CSpaz: You say my sofa is shrinking? DD:
hmmn something that I don't collect? lol I wonder why nothing comes to my mind atm xD I have to admit I like to collect and have different kind of things, I'm such a materialist :T It's not even a joke I wanna win a lottery and buy everything I want.
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Kibi Prisma Kibino
You need to explain me how shopping at Taobao works one of these days. They have a doujin I'm looking for. However, I think it's not worth tomship just one book :( Still kinda curious how to buy stuff from there ^^
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maybe your sofa's just getting smaller :P
also, is there anything you DON'T collect?:D
Those nyanko sensei straps caught my attention immediately, thye're just too cute.
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