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    Jul 08, 2020

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„Fee-fi-fo-fum! I see the cute of a Gochuumon"

For this picture I once again commissioned some icing flowers and pastry props from my mother in order to extend on Chinos base design. FuRyus release is an eyecatcher for sure but the theme for a photo was pretty predetermined. As a photographer I do prefer figures that leave more scope when it comes to compositing but sometimes you’ve to work with what you got. And don’t worry: A video review for this figure will come later this year.

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So pretty!!!
23 dagar sedan
ddarko28 dagar sedan#80175366Interesting use of icing and cake goods :)! Very nice!

Bluthexe29 dagar sedan#80126046Sehr schönes Bild :)

Thank you. Glad you liked it.
27 dagar sedan
Interesting use of icing and cake goods :)! Very nice!
28 dagar sedan
Sehr schönes Bild :)
29 dagar sedan
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