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RajkeRajke9 månader sedan

About this picture

I am really nervous at the moment of typing this text. Some months ago I applied an entry for an aquarium examination. And today is the big day. In our country there are currently thirteen people who are specialised in the examination of fish tanks. One of them will visit my home and that will be 2 hours after typing this. The figures on top of the fish tank falls under the examination part as decoration. It simply means that the figures will be seen as part of the fish tank. I think it looks great (something looks fishy when there aren’t figures on it). But because this is my first time entering such a competition like this makes me somewhat nervous. The results will be announced one month later in a club meeting. It is hard to see on this photo but i have a fish stock based on the gourami and shrimps. The FREEing 1/12 scaled figures are very lightweight in comparison to Figmas or prize figures. For that reason I can place them on the most fragile part of the fish tank.

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