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    Jul 12, 2019

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Image under Creative Commons license.

Do you like it? Do you prefer the closed close up, or these one?


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femaleotakugeek10 månader sedan#67092313Love her<3 Great Picture!!!

I'm in love with her!
Thank you!
10 månader sedan
Love her<3 Great Picture!!!
10 månader sedan
Lokillo271 år sedan#63734331hermosa foto lastima que no tengo a esta versión de Galko

Gracias. La conseguí a precio de salida en nin nin. La última que les quedaba. En otras tiendas está imposible de lo cara que está.
1 år sedan
hermosa foto lastima que no tengo a esta versión de Galko
1 år sedan
Thank you very much to all for your comments!! It's the best reward !!
1 år sedan
Gorgeous photoshoot <3
1 år sedan
This looks so photo-realistic like it's the real Gaiko-chan!
1 år sedan
HassySoda Autumn girl
This is beautiful fam
1 år sedan
great and thicc
1 år sedan
1 år sedan
Your source for old and rare figurines!

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