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    Mar 29, 2019

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cool !
3 månader sedan
Thank you!! ^^ InfiniteSaturn5 månader sedan#76466354This is so beautiful!
5 månader sedan
This is so beautiful!
5 månader sedan
Holy cow, so many Mikus!!! :0
It looks like a museum display, wow!
1 år sedan
The ceiling detail though.
1 år sedan
That's an amazing Miku collection :o
1 år sedan
I'm going to say that this is at least worth more than $10000..
1 år sedan
Foundations for the official Hatsune Miku Museum.
1 år sedan
Cool collection. Can I move in with you?
1 år sedan
Wow! This takes loving a character to a whole new level! I'm personally more of a Super Sonico fan.
1 år sedan
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