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About this picture

"...'cause you're a sky full of stars..." - Coldplay

I got the song stuck in my head ever since I got her, so maybe this quick project might cure it.

A composite image of my mentor's astro-photography (with permission, of course) and my figure shot.

Processing and adjustments in Lightroom.
Dropout, layering and cleanup in Photoshop.
Additional effects in After Effects.

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PepeFraccini3 år sedan#18698484how did u do the constellations on the cape? :O so amazing!

Brushed it in Photoshop. Added effects and blended layers.
3 år sedan
how did u do the constellations on the cape? :O so amazing!
3 år sedan
Wow this looks amazing! Love the background and the constellations on the figure, gorgeous picture!!
3 år sedan
well done!
3 år sedan
you gave her her constelations <3 ahh such a beautifull picture
3 år sedan
It's like a fairy tale ☆ Love this photo! ♡
3 år sedan
3 år sedan
Beautiful !!!
3 år sedan
Looks good!
3 år sedan
i cant wait to own her, so jealous, this picture is magnificent
3 år sedan
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