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red moon

About this picture

I tried attempting silhouetted shot, but her hand wasn't showing like I wanted it to, so I decided to lift the brightness/highlight and I thought the noise added to the mood.

C&C Welcomed.

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9 år sedan
Maybe could try reflecting some light back towards her instead of boosting the shadows so much. Also using a smaller aperture like f13 or f16 to get her wings in focus would make the shot a bit more appealing to me personally. Her body is popping out a bit, too, the peg is showing ^^;;

Great angle and like the big light behind her and how her wings extend outside of it. Wonder if there's a way to use white light on the shards to keep their color...
9 år sedan
This picture is really awesome ^^
9 år sedan
Looks great! The only thing I don't like is the grainy effect on it..
9 år sedan
Hmm, score rapidly decreased.
Would appreciate to hear some thoughts from those people =o.
9 år sedan
I like your picture, you created a nice scary atmosphere (good job with the red moon !), and you perfectly captured Flan's Ax Crazy side !
9 år sedan
@ kranberrijam
I wish she had LED lights installed in her prism shards lol. But since it doesn't, and I only used red filtered lamp, that red probably muted the colors.
I tried lighting her with normal white light (from front: bottom, top, sides), but ended up liking this one in terms of mood =3. + it made my background pink lol. *Perhaps there was a better way to attempt? xd
Thanks for the comment!
9 år sedan
Great attempt! Colors a little muted, but I love the idea.
9 år sedan
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