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    May 09, 2016

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Hestia embracing the warm sun as it rises on a Monday Morning

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Jayde4 år sedan#9867890Hestia is Bestia. Great photo.

I agree!!!! and Amakuni did a great job with this figure <3 Thank you so much!!

Palluxz4 år sedan#9850297Absolutely beautiful.

Thank you *hugs*

astarte9524 år sedan#9849386Well done!

Thank you ^_^/
4 år sedan
Hestia is Bestia. Great photo.
4 år sedan
Absolutely beautiful.
4 år sedan
Well done!
4 år sedan
Miau4 år sedan#9837249So cute! ❤

Thank you very much :3
4 år sedan
So cute! ❤
4 år sedan
lorainebow4 år sedan#9826323Lovely<3

Thank you so much :) <3
4 år sedan
saintbe4 år sedan#9833094I have her on my wishlist ... awesome figure ! Great setup !

She really is lovely <3 and her skin is so silky smooth :3 You will love her <3
4 år sedan
Airtail4 år sedan#9807292Agreed, instant favChocolateSpider4 år sedan#9800519Instant favorite picture. :D

Thank you very much *hug*
4 år sedan
I have her on my wishlist ... awesome figure ! Great setup !
4 år sedan
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