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    Feb 23, 2016
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About this picture

In the past 2 weeks I had this image of Tenshi walking her dog in my mind. Took me a while to figure out how to get her to stand on the sand, and to find a dog.

How I made her stand: PICTURE #1485230
The dog: www.amazon.com/...
My little endeavor at fixing her broken wing: dory.moe/blog/w...

Made a landscape version to use as my wallpaper. Figured I should share it too: PICTURE #1485996

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So beautiful!!!
4 år sedan
Very nice picture:)
4 år sedan
The puppy is a unique touch to this particular figure photos. Love it
4 år sedan
Very nice picture. Great job.
4 år sedan
Thang4 år sedan#6908929You got featured on GSC

4 år sedan
You got featured on GSC

4 år sedan
4 år sedan
Good work!
4 år sedan
TiggerShark4 år sedan#6874562At first I thought the dog was real before I realized what that'd imply either about the scale of the figure or the size of the dog.
It's a beautiful picture! And I do love those wings. And the dog.
kristo_814 år sedan#6874686Congarz, I knew that this would get PotD! And very clever way on made the stand!MidnightSun254 år sedan#6874817Wonderful :3ptitange234 år sedan#6883846Amazing photo !!!!Vodkanroll4 år sedan#6883891Beautiful
Whoa, thanks! Yes I know it's all about the puppy ^^.

kuroi_kun4 år sedan#6883895how u make her stand?
Magic, of course! (PICTURE #1485230)
4 år sedan
how u make her stand?
4 år sedan
Import from Japan

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