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GiolonGiolon5 år sedan
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About this picture

At the request of some of my friends, I took a quick (~2 minutes set up) photo after very crudely re-creating lighting more similar to the promo shots and more importantly, indoor lighting rather than the harshness of midday sun.

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So cool!
5 år sedan
Great picture I hope down the line I can buy her.
5 år sedan
Wow, her face looks way cool. Can't wait for her to come in finally.
5 år sedan
Thanks for the pic! This is the first good, strait-on, shot we've gotten of the end product. With better lighting and a good steady shot, her face doesn't seem all that bad.

Originally the WonFes pics made her face look asymmetrical, and like the left eye was a completely different shape than the right. This shot makes it clear the only change that was done was to add some slight rounding to the shape of both eyes, where the original GK was more angular.

I feel a bit better about my pre-order now. Maybe I won't sell her after all.
5 år sedan