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    May 13, 2015
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    May 10, 2015 - May 16, 2015

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Kyōko is at Comiket, waiting for you to visit her booth and get the latest volume of her Mahou Shoujo Mirakurun doujin...also don't forget her autograph too

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very adorable kyoko!
5 år sedan
Nice shot! She's so pretty :D
5 år sedan
Cute atmosphere, funny... that is so like character. Nice Shot!
5 år sedan
Fishcaek-Chan Super Waifu Fun time
So happy!! Yuru Yuri made it to POTD!! And TOSHINO KYOKO no less!!!*A* <3
And it's such a cute pictureseeeee *~*
5 år sedan
way too cute
5 år sedan
This looks amazing! :D
5 år sedan

5 år sedan
Koru-tan5 år sedan#2984726I never knew how much I wanted everything I see here until now.

Baekkun5 år sedan#2984432LOVE IT! ;;A;
thank you ^^

SkullFirekills75 år sedan#2984337Very cute! ^_^
Thank You ^^

Jajanken5 år sedan#2984278I kid you not, I KID YOU NOT I was eating rum raisin when I saw this
hehe thanks

Bangtheroses5 år sedan#2984112So adorable!
thank you sis
5 år sedan
I never knew how much I wanted everything I see here until now.
5 år sedan

5 år sedan
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