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What happends in Season 3, when Yui, Mio, Mugi & Ritsu leave High School? Azusa has to form a One Man Band! ^^

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hahaha this is awesome and funny. nice job
9 år sedan
One... Girl band =)
9 år sedan
according to the page prior to last of the manga. Ui and Jun will join her. :P so~ when Ui nendo comes out (better be a normal nendo, me no want to play near twice as much for an exclusive -_-)
I think jun nendo might look kinda weird xD
and if you want to see a fictional Nodoka nendoroid, then look at hayate no gotoku manga chapter 287 page 9 xD
I just bought this stage set, and can't wait for it to arrive ^^
9 år sedan
hahaha, poor Azu-nyan •_•
10 år sedan
hahah great picture!
10 år sedan
xShiroSakura Flagship
"G-guys, where'd you go?"
lol xD
10 år sedan
Nice idea!
little poor Azu-nyan ><
10 år sedan
WOW! FAV ^__^!
10 år sedan
noooooooooo , so sad >_<
10 år sedan
Playing keyboard and drums with your hair? O.o
Poor Azusa >.<
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