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kotobukiya megahouse gift alter banpresto yuri_lowell tales_of_vesperia cospa ichiban_kuji movic tales_of_the_abyss altair clear_file flynn_scifo mirano rubber_strap rubber_keychain petit_chara_land judith chibi_kyun-chara tales_of_destiny_2 tales_of_vesperia_one_coin_figure_collection_-faith_chapter- rita_mordio sakurai fujishima_kousuke colorfull_collection tales_of_symphonia zelos_wilder estellise_sidos_heurassein tales_of_destiny lion_magnus guy_cecil luke_fon_fabre stahn_aileron lloyd_irving tales_of_graces asbel_lhant nbgi fastener bonnie_pink sakuraba_motoi richard tales_of_vesperia_〜the_first_strike〜 graphig tales_of_friends_rubber_strap_collection_vol.2 es_series_rubber_strap_collection xbox_360_game tales_of_xillia_2 ludger_will_kresnik photo_collection_album ichiban_kuji_tales_of_series tales_of_friends_gel_strap_collection_vol.2 colorfull_collection_"tales_of"_series_vol.2_b_(tales_of_school) petit_chara_land_"tales_of"_series_puchitto_issho-hen julius_will_kresnik otoyama_houjun photo_collection_album_[tales_of]_series_dress_up_collection
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About this picture

Flynn collection as of May 2014. Not pictured: The Flynn Scifo cushion (purchased, but not had it sent to me yet) and the Flynn Scifo GraPhig paper doll (friend agreed to sell me theirs :3).

Now I just need the Flynn stuff from the Festival this year, the Vesperia clear files, and the Cospa strap :3

The small badge and the waiter!Flynn strap are not official goods. I have a fanmade school!Flynn badge somewhere, too.

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Wonderful Flynn collection, really jealous of your plushie I really wish they would re-release him my Yuri will forever be lonely ;-;
6 år sedan
Awesome shrine =D

I might wanna make a shrine for Milla maxwell someday, but for now i only
have her 1/8 figure and her plush ordered ^^;
6 år sedan
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