Kommentarer NieR: Automata - YoRHa No. 2 Type B - Regular Edition (Flare, Square Enix)

  • Jag1 månad sedan#92193195BBTS has her listed as a 1/7 scale. Is that correct?
    Neither 2B or 9S are scale figures technically, but they'd be about 1/6.
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    BBTS has her listed as a 1/7 scale. Is that correct?
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    vexas0092 månader sedan#907214799s is getting a figure from flare??

    Indeed! :D

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    I was waiting for a re-release for so long. I'm glad to see it's finally happening. Have to order her as soon as I can.
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    I didn't purchase the figure first time around since I was hoping a more interesting one would be released from another manufacturer. Never happened, so might as well get the 2nd release. Skipping the DX version and 9S.
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    Pre-ordered her DX version ASAP on AmiAmi. Not gonna miss out this time around.
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    Can anyone order on Amazon.co.jp ? For me, it says, that it is not delivered to my home address in Europe. Usually I order my stuff here.
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