Kommentarer Persona 5 - Morgana - Nendoroid (#793) (Good Smile Company)

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    8 månader sedan
    I'm looking to get ride of my pre-order from HobbyJapan. If anyone is interested, please send me a message!
    1 år sedan
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    The newest nendoroids has a smaller box compared to the old ones, and I wonder if a rerelease like this will come with the new package or it will be release with the old one like the first time...

    Morgana is the only nendoroid of P5 which has the bigger box, it would be cool to have every p5 nendo with the same box size.
    1 år sedan

    I finally got to buying the Morgana nendoroid!
    1 år sedan
    Available for pre-order @ Akiba Soul
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    he's getting a re-release just when i said i was going to slow down on ordering :(
    1 år sedan
    Available for pre-order @ iXu Deviance (45.03€)
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