Kommentarer Final Fantasy VII - Cloud Strife - Bring Arts - Another Form Ver. (Square Enix)

  • Got Cloud yesterday and honestly he turned out better then I thought. If your thinking of getting him I recommend you do he looks dope
    1 år sedan
    Just got the payment request from AmiAmi, guess he released a few days early.
    1 år sedan
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    Good Smile is starting to make Kingdom Hearts figures with their nendoroid line. I wish they'd make this version of Cloud a nendoroid too. A Figma would be fine... A scale figure would be perfect!
    1 år sedan
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    Even the normal version feels like a fraud.

    When the Bring Arts line was revealed, I was ecstatic thinking they'd be Figma-quality and similar in price. Turns out they are more expensive than Figmas, and even less quality; can't even get the previewed poses right on the real figure (I've got Kaine, 2B, and Fei so far; Only Fei can be posed like the previews).

    This one looks pose-able, unlike the two I mentioned. However... this one costs ~2k less than PAK's Advent Children Cloud when released (PAK AC Cloud costed me 10,858 JPY when released). Surely a pass for me.
    1 år sedan
    Closed eyes for limited ver? 2000 yen for it? Guess I pass. There will be so many Clouds in future, with same faces and head sculpts, some of them definitely will have those eyes as standard release.
    1 år sedan
    I hope we get a FF7 version of him and Seph. sometime too.
    2 år sedan
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