Kommentarer Nekopara - Chocola - Character's Selection - 1/7 (Native)

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    Brand New! => NekoPara Vol.1 Soleil Kaiten Shimashita! - Chocola - Character's Selection Limited Edition [Native]
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    Selling the pair(both Chocola and Vanilla) and in the U.S. (pre order). $570 shipped in the U.S. (Sorry Alaska and Hawaii)

    From Native store. So it comes with post cards. Native store doesn't ship it to me now due to COVID 19, I can ship it after I receive her, and it will take some time I guess.

    Because of high price, I can't risk any possible scam... so I will accept only paypal gift option (paypal fee on you). You can see good reviews and feedback on my ad page.
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    Lucifiery4 dagar sedan#83257576Thank you, but i reconsidered.

    Nvm. ;)
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    Abel-Nightroad4 dagar sedan#83257556Yep, sent you a pm. ;)

    Thank you, but i reconsidered.
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    Lucifiery4 dagar sedan#83257529still availiable?

    Yep, sent you a pm. ;)
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    Abel-Nightroad7 dagar sedan#83064655Giving away my pre-order of the set: 495€ already paid plus shipping. Only EU buyers.

    still availiable?
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    I got the postcards and I ordered from NY. Both kitties are purrfect :3

    Tbh the panties feel really fragile, especially Vanilla's. There's two pairs but I don't really want to take them off.
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    Giving away my pre-order of the set: 495€ already paid plus shipping. Only EU buyers.
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    Yspan9 dagar sedan#82976699They still have her on Fakku for pre order for only $200 before shipping. I just snagged one if anyone is still looking.
    Thank you very much! I ordered one off amiami for like 330? New but happily will wait for her via fakku for $100 cheaper !
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