Kommentarer Mononoke - Kusuriuri - ARTFX J - 1/8 (Kotobukiya)

  • Looking to buy him if anyone is selling. PM me!
    5 månader sedan
    looking to get my hands on one of these message me if you're selling ><
    5 månader sedan
    Interested in buying! Pls PM me if you're looking to sell. c:
    5 månader sedan
    Lowered to 160 USD, 20 USD shipping for both Canada and US
    7 månader sedan
    Hello, I sell this figure
    CLASSIFIED #157962

    8 månader sedan
    If anyone is selling him please contact me! I'm hoping to buy him soon :) Got one, thank you!
    8 månader sedan
    Selling him, first Release. EU only :) SOLD
    8 månader sedan
    Selling. PM with offers!
    9 månader sedan
    i just recieved mine today and it's absolutely wonderful. Absolutely gorgeous and looks amazing backlit!
    10 månader sedan
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