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2 månader sedan
Yes yes yes! Please make this! I would buy it immediately, he's my favorite
3 månader sedan
3 månader sedan
This is definitely a instant preorder for me
4 månader sedan
Aimathyst TOM Affiliate
My boyfriend kept recommending this to me (as a joke) as I did not realize it was a hentai. Definitely sending this to him, lmao.
7 månader sedan
7 månader sedan
I want this so bad!!! If it actually comes out (since the anime was sadly murdered by those who shall not be named), I will buy buy buy!!! Now excuse me while I drool over the episodes that still exist.
7 månader sedan
I thought this was the helvetica standard angel at first
7 månader sedan
Naedix7 månader sedan#75310705inb4 this gets cancelled too
The show didn't get cancelled. Only Tokyo MX dropped it, there are a bunch of other stations still airing it.
7 månader sedan
They should not forget to put in the bulge. It's important.
7 månader sedan
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