Figma - Headphones - Brown ver. (Max Factory)Figma - Headphones - Brown ver. (Max Factory)¥ Köp¥ Köp

Figma - Headphones - Brown ver. (Max Factory)
09/02/2011 As Limited + Exclusive
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Came random and blind Figma 100 Miku (Append).


I have 2 pairs of this and a black pair - need a gray pair:(
4 år sedan
So glad I know where these came from now! I found the black plastic bag under my keyboard and had no idea what it came from.
7 år sedan
I spray-painted mine black xD
7 år sedan
Kalissiah Collecting since March 2012!
And here I am, thinking I own the grey ones xD. This does look more like grey than brown to me irl ;o.
8 år sedan
Clement_TeaNow I just have Ritsu wear it.

LOL me too \o/
8 år sedan
kero-chanMine came with Figma Strength... is that normal? ^^;
Mine too, but I had Miku on pre-order.
8 år sedan
I'm selling mine, PM me if you're interested. :)
8 år sedan
I got mine and it was a surprise for me, as I didn't know about it beforehand.

Now I just have Ritsu wear it.
8 år sedan
kero-chanMine came with Figma Strength... is that normal? ^^;
From who did you order?
9 år sedan
These would be really cool if they fit more Figmas.....got grey and black. I'm not very excited about how they look on my figures .
9 år sedan
Buy from Japan. Easier than ever.



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