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Fate/Grand Order - Astolfo - 1/7 (Orz)
Skala & Dimensioner
07/28/2019 As Limited
02/10/2019 As Limited
53 delar
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Wonder Festival 2019 [Winter] - Limited to 20 pieces.
Wonder Festival 2019 [Summer] - Limited to 35 pieces.


hope to find you one day..T__T
1 månad sedan
Taralen Elf Hoarder
I recieved him today and what can I say but WOW.... This is probably one of the best Astolfos out there.
The casting is godly, and his cock bulge is bigger than expected! It's a shame that the figure is not cast off because he not only has an amazing dong but scuplted nipples as well.
Just an overall great kit. He's going to be ass to build but it's worth it!
1 månad sedan
Taralen Elf Hoarder
I managed to snag him off Mandarake. I never thought I'd ever encounter this Astolfo, so I'm a bit excited.
1 månad sedan
saw this about a month or two ago on yahoo auctions fully assembled and painted..T__T wish i had the money then to snatch it..
4 månader sedan
Aurium1 år sedan#50715645lmao not even. 8 at best if you count the two crap prize figures.
4 at most if you exclude the figma, nendo, learning w/ manga! version, and those two crap prize figures (because Sega's prize figure is actually decent)
1 år sedan
DardDrak1 år sedan#50601944twitter.com/miy...
Dat ass

What ass
1 år sedan
Kyotohimoyo1 år sedan#50300355>Limited to 20 pieces
There's a million other Astolfo figs lmao

lmao not even. 8 at best if you count the two crap prize figures.
1 år sedan
1 år sedan
It ain't fair.
1 år sedan
stop making such cute astolfo figures that arent pvc!!!!!!!!!!!
1 år sedan