Boku no Hero Academia - Midoriya Izuku - Grandista (Banpresto)Boku no Hero Academia - Midoriya Izuku - Grandista (Banpresto)¥ Köp¥ Köp

Boku no Hero Academia - Midoriya Izuku - Grandista (Banpresto)
Skala & Dimensioner
H=250mm (9.75in)
06/18/2019 As Prize
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It’s super cheap for the detail and scale of it. Grandista figures are good.
2 månader sedan
Selling this figure. Please check out my listing if you're interested. Thanks!
LIST #50774
4 månader sedan
Selling him (used) for $23 free shipping in the US only. Box can be included but will lower to $19 if box is not included. PM if interested
6 månader sedan
Selling mine! Opened but in perfect conditions. 25 Euros + shipping. European buyers please.
6 månader sedan
Selling him opened but like new for 25€ + shipping. European buyers only.
7 månader sedan
Available for pre-order @ Anime NPC ($16.00)
Limited Offer: Product Page
◉ Shipping Worldwide
◉ Handle your order with care!
◉ 100% Authentic and Insured mail
8 månader sedan
11 månader sedan
Just WOW. For the price this figure is goddamn amazing.
1 år sedan
Ancestral_Spirit1 år sedan#63356785Ah, that's great news! Thank you so much :)
It wouldn't have bothered me too much if i was keeping it for myself, but this is the first figure my niece will have owned, and she absolutely loves My Hero Academia atm. I would have been gutted if i'd given her a b.day pressie and it have been a fake.
But this is great news, thank you very much for the info <3 xxx :)
I know it has been more than month since you asked, but I'll answer anyway. :P

Banpresto has different packaging for their releases inside and outside Japan; hence, the difference in markings.
1 år sedan
Mine showed up yesterday and I'm really happy with how he turned out. I like having some prize figures because I can display them around the house without worrying about them like I do with my scales. Glad the green on his costume turned out darker than it looked on the previews. Overall definitely worth the $17 and is probably one of the best dekus in the prize figure price range
1 år sedan
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