Azur Lane - St. Louis - 1/7 (Primal Heart)Azur Lane - St. Louis - 1/7 (Primal Heart)¥ Köp¥ Köp

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I wish Alter had used this one instead of Yadokari's. The eyes are too small on his version.
5 månader sedan
Everything about this is lovely. How do we campaign for a PVC release?
1 år sedan
Since a lot of Hashimoto Ryo's figures end up turning into PVCs, I'm hoping Alter will do the same with this one...
1 år sedan
Kit is of excellent quality and well casted. The sculpturer made a very beautiful figure. Only downside is the lack of parts separation in the chest and thigh areas. Blue linings on the 2 sides of the chest is molded in 1 piece to the main chest piece, and the thighs and leggings are all in 1 piece. Making those parts separate would have allowed more realism after painting.
2 år sedan
i found an aution but people qwant $450 for her starting bid
2 år sedan
Just wow. Everything Primal Heart does is wonderful!
2 år sedan
beautiful <3 waiting for a pvc
2 år sedan
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