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Doll Stand - Multi Stand - Clear (Obitsu Plastic Manufacturing)Doll Stand - Multi Stand - Clear (Obitsu Plastic Manufacturing)

Doll Stand - Multi Stand - Clear (Obitsu Plastic Manufacturing)
Skala & Dimensioner
W=197mm (7.68in)  L=140mm (5.46in)  H=21mm (0.82in)
10/2009 As Standard
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Needs assembly. Parts come on runners. Applicable for 10cm - 30cm size dolls.


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19 timmar sedan
siningy (3 år sedan) #2795917Does anyone know if these were dicontinued? They have been out of stock everywhere it seems.

A lot of time they go out of stock for a while, but they're almost always available for back order on hlj (they're link below is currently a backorder) or hobby search. They just will take a little while longer to get in. But they are defiantly not discontinued.
3 år sedan
Does anyone know if these were dicontinued? They have been out of stock everywhere it seems.
3 år sedan
This thing is a little fiddly to put together (you must have a small screwdriver, you can't put the screws far enough in by hand) but not hard to do so. It's lightweight and wobbles a little but I successfully have it supporting ITEM #107918 quite high in the air and with its heavy wings on and don't fear it falling over. I will buy a few more of these next time I make an order from HLJ.
4 år sedan
Stebbie (5 år sedan) #1650724I have a question about this stand.
Is this stand also suitable for a revoltech figure? For this figure: sv.myfigurecoll...
I heard the revoltech stands are terrible so I'm searching for a good stand to replace it if I need to.

Seconding this, I've found revoltech stands really fragile, I'm wondering if this stand is an acceptable substitute.
Added one to my HLJ order. I'll have it in a few days so I'll see how it works then.
4 år sedan
Hevlaska573 I noticed senpai
Ordered two for my disney Anna and Elsa classic dolls and managed to hold both of them with just one. Doesn't seem like they will fall anytime soon due to the weight either.
Pretty much a big figma stand. I like it.
4 år sedan
Just ordered this for use with a Picconeemo. Hope it works out!

I love this base... *-* I used the one I ordered to replace a rusted figma stand and it looks great. Gonna order another one for my Azone Lil Fairy.
4 år sedan
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